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  1. 2 characteristics of a fungus.
  2. Data suggest that some glow to attract nocturnal animals to aid in spore dispersal. This is especially adaptive in closed-canopy forests where wind dispersal in hindered. Others glow to attract the predators of insects that eat the mushrooms…befriend the enemy of your enemy! And some glow for unexplained reasons. National Science Foundation (NSF) is trying to determine more definite reasons…..
  3. Nutrition and ecology of a fungus?
  4. Fungi are heterotrophs and absorb nutrients from outside of their body
    • Fungi use enzymes to break down a large variety of complex molecules into smaller organic compounds
    • The versatility of these enzymes contributes to fungi’s ecological success
  5. Body structure of a fungus?
  6. The most common body structures are multicellular filaments and single cells (yeasts)
    Some species grow as either filaments or yeasts; others grow as both
  7. 2 different life styles of a fungus.
    Image Upload 1Image Upload 2
  8. 5 divisions of a fungus?
    • Chytrid
    • Zygomycetes
    • Glomeromycetes
    • Ascomycetes
    • Basidiomycetes
  9. Roles of fungi are?
  10. - Decomposers: fungi perform essential recycling of chemical elements b/t the living and nonliving world
    • - Parasites: can cause human disease
    • - Mutualists: fungi can be armful and help
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