Vocabulary I

  1. Deride (v)
    To ridicule. To laugh at contemptuously.

    The other boys derided Gregg mercilessly for his clumsiness on the basketball court.
  2. Assiduously (adv)
    In a hard working manner. In a busy manner.

    Franz assiduously collected data for the experiment.
  3. Fervor (n)

    A preacher often embraces his religion with great fervor
  4. Sagacity (n)
    Shrewdness. Wisdom. Discernment.

    Your dad's sagacity is a wonderful trait to possess.
  5. Tentative (adj)
    Experimental. Temporary or uncertain.

    Ronnie was tentative about his weekend plans, because he thought he might have to work.
  6. Ubiquitous (adj)
    Being everywhere at the same time.

    His name was Lenny Wilkens, and he was as ubiquitous that day as he was inscrutable.
  7. Benevolent (adj)
    Generous. Kind. Doing good deeds.

    His benevolent nature made it really hard for him to turn away anyone in need.
  8. Reverence (n)
    Honor or respect felt or shown.

    Keegan often feels the need to pay reverence to his father because he is Keegan's idol.
  9. Belligerent (adj)
    Combative. Quarrellsome. Waging war.

    The diplomats did not approve of the country's belligerent attitude towards its neighbor.
  10. Diffidence (n)
    The quality or state of being timid. The quality or state of lacking confidence.

    A diffidence attitude on the football field is not common among the best players.
  11. Ardent (adj)

    Keegan is an ardent student of Language Arts and will do well in the class due to that passion.
  12. Squalid (adj)
    Marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty

    Every day after the earthquake, it becomes more squalid and chaotic, more difficult, more numbing, due to the inability to get help to the victims.
  13. Fervent (adj)
    Earnest. Zealous. Marked by great intensity of feeling.

    The fervent protestors chained themselves to the building and shouted all night long.
  14. Manifest (adj)
    Visible. Evident.

    His courage manifested itself via the look on his face.
  15. Oblivion (n)
    Total forgetfullness. The state of being forgotten.

    The child movie star now lives in oblivion after developing a fear of his fans.
  16. Volition (n)
    Will. Conscious choice.

    She left the part of her own volition as she didn't want to be around the illegal drugs.
  17. Guile (n)
    Cunning. Duplicity.

    Because of his great guile, the politician was able to survive scandal after scandal.
  18. Vehement (adj)
    Intense; forcefull; violent

    The vehement enthusiasm of the defense prevented the other team from even coming close to a touchdown.
  19. Heresy (n)
    An opinion violenty opposed to established beliefs

    The catholic church opinion of abortion.
  20. Magnanimous (adj)
    Forgiving, unresentful, noble in spirit, generous

    When Henry apologized for being disrespectful, Mr. Lewis was magnanimous and told him there were no hard feelings.
  21. Solemn (adj)
    Seriousness (secondary meaning)

    Childhood is frequently a solemn business for those inside it.
  22. Insolent (adj)
    Arrogant. Insulting.

    That celebrity is so insolent, making fun of his fans right to their faces.
  23. Precipitate (v)
    To cause to happen abruptly

    Her accusations precipitated an investigation into the finances of all school organizations.
  24. Infamous (adj)
    Shamefully wicked. Having (and deserving) an extremely bad reputation; Disgraceful

    He was an infamous traitor.
  25. Moroseness (n)
    A state of gloominess. Sullenness.

    Moroseness filled the air after Stony Point lost in the State Semi Finals.
  26. Discern (v)
    To have insight. To see things clearly; To differentiate
  27. Novel (adj)
    New; Original
  28. Consecrated (v)
    Made or declared sacred

    my mother name is consecrated to god
  29. Obscurity (n)
    Quality or state of being unknown; hard to understand or dark
  30. Complacent (adj)
    Smug; Self Satisfied; Please with oneself; contented to a fault
  31. Deter (v)
    To prevent; to stop; to keep from doing something
  32. Pervaded (v)
    Spread throughout
  33. Conspicuous (adj)
    Standing out; obvious
  34. Profligates (n)
    Persons given to wildly extravagant and usually grossly self indulgent expenditures
  35. Condone (v)
    To overlook; to permit to happen
  36. Dogmatic (adj)
    Arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas; arrogantly claiming that something (often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute
  37. Alleviate (v)
    To lessen; to relieve; usually temporarily or incompletely; make bearable
  38. Relinquish (v)
    To release or let go of; to surrender; to stop doing
  39. Extol (v)
    To praise
  40. Banal (adj)
    Unoriginal; ordinary
  41. Discreet (adj)
    Prudent; judiciously reserved
  42. Depravity (n)
    Moral corruption
  43. Vacillate (v)
    To be indecisive; to waiver back and forth
  44. Rigorous (adj)
    Strict; harsh; severe
  45. Lament (v)
    To mourn
  46. Reproach (v)
    To scold, usually in disappointment; to blame; to disgrace
  47. Lanquidly (adj)
    In a weak, listless, or depressed manner
  48. Ascetic (adj)
    Hermitlike; practicing self denial
  49. Laudable (adj)
    Worthy of praise
  50. Supercilious (adj)
    Haughty; patronizing
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