ch. 8

  1. encephalization
    the proportional size of the brain relative to some other measure, usually an estimate of overall body size, such as weight
  2. allometry
    also called scaling; the differential proportion among various anatomical structures
  3. cortex
    layer. in the brain, the cortex is the layer that covers the cerebral hemispheres, which in turn cover more primitive or older structures related to bodily functions and the sense of smell
  4. neocortex
    the more recently evolved portions of the cortex of the brain that are involved with higher mental functions and composed of areas that integrate incoming information from different sensory organs
  5. lateralized
    localized to one side of the brain
  6. motor cortex
    the areas of the brain's cortex involved with movement
  7. conspecifics
    members of the same species
  8. anvils
    surfaces on which an object such as a palm nut, root, or seed is placed before being struck with another object such as a stone
  9. anthropocentric
    viewing nonhuman organisms in terms of human experience and capabilities; emphasizing the importance of humans over everything else
  10. core area
    the portion of a home range containing the highest concentration and most reliable supplies of food and water
  11. territory
    the portions of an individual's or group's home range actively defended against intrusion, particularly by conspecifics
  12. altruism
    behavior that benefits another individual at some potential risk or cost to oneself
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