Black Studies

  1. What is Cultural Development states that Cultural Development is "the change or evolution of the culture like traditions, beliefs, norms, behavioral patterns, arts and everything that relates to human thought and work. " Many people today say that good traditions, practices and beliefs have gone down the drain and thats a result of why people act the way they act(ie. Rude, Ignorant, Violent, ETC). But, everyone has some type of influence to their behavior and in todays world, there are many types of influences. but, the 2 main ones that I will be talking about is Family Influences and Media Influences.
  2. Family Influences
    Family Influence is the first thing a child develops when growing up. It's scientifically proven that a child looks up to his parents as well as his older siblings as they grow up. The problem that many households face is that many parents are not setting good examples or being role models to their children, which can backlash in the near future. (Explain National Institute of Healh study)
  3. Media Influence
    Media Influence in todays society has doubled within the past 40 years. Many households are not monitoring the amount of TV time that their children are watching and the type of music they listen to and the type of video games they are playing and this can sometimes affect a childs behavioral patterns as they get older. Commonsense Media(which is a Parent guide that informs parents about certain tv shows, games and music they should avoid letting their child view) did a study and the results were indeed interesting. (Explain results on powerpoint) And they also stated that as a result of children who are easily influenced by the media are most likely to be less alert in school and show more violence and aggression, addictive behaviour, social and emotional health as well as influence the use of drugs and engage in sexual behavior at a young age.
  4. Closing
    So as you can see gentlemen Cultural Development has indeed come along way and this is what we are living with today. Influences can only affect those who let it affect them.
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