Chapter 31 FUNGI

  1. Ascocarp is?
    The fruiting body of a sac fungus.
  2. What is an ascomycete
    member of the phylum: ascomycota (sac fungus).
  3. Basidia is what?
    reproductive appendage that produces sexual spores on the gills of mushrooms.
  4. what is Basidocarp?
    Elaborate fruiting body of a dikaryotic mycellium of a club fungus.
  5. Basidiomycetes are?
    phylum: basidomycota. club fungus
  6. Whats Chytrids?
    Phylum is Chytridiomycota, aquatic fungi with flagellated zoospores that represent an early diverging fungal lineage.
  7. What are Glomeromycetes?
    phylum is Glomeromycota.
  8. Pathogen is what?
    Organism or Virus That Causes a Disease.
  9. Parasite is what?
    An organism that feeds off of the cell contents, tissues or body fluids of another species (the host) while in or on a host organism.
  10. What is Plasmogamy?
    It is the fusion of the cytoplasm of cells from 2 individuals.
  11. What is a symbiont?
    The smaller participant in a symbiotic relationship, living in or on the host.
  12. What are zygomycetes?
    • Phylum: zygomycota.
    • characterized by the formation of zygosporangium during sexual reproduction.
  13. What are zygospores?
    Flagellated spore found on chytrid fungi and some protists.
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