Christian Testament

  1. Theme 1
    Christology From Above
  2. Theme 1 Explaination
    • logos- the word of God
    • christology- study of Jesus
    • gnosis- secret knowledge (key to salvation)
    • stresses Jesus' heavenly origins
    • different from synoptic gospels who focus on christology from below- foscus on Jesus of Nazareth (humanity)
  3. Theme 2
    Major Conflicts
  4. Theme 2 Explaination
    • light of Christ vs. darkness of the work that refuses to acknowledge Jesus
    • life-giving faith in Jesus that makes us children of Bod vs. unbelief
    • truth vs. untruth
  5. Theme 3
    Who is Jesus
  6. Theme 3 Explaination
    • John the Baptist- plays proper role of being lesser than Jesus
    • names people adress him by- rabbi, Word of God, Sone of God, Christ, Prophet, etc.
    • we need several titles to begin to understand who Jesus really is
  7. Sign 1
    Changing Water into Wine

    nature miracle
  8. Sign 2
    Cure of the Official's Son

    healing miracle
  9. Sign 3
    Cure of the Paralytic at the Pool

    healing miracle
  10. Sign 4 and 5
    The Feeding of 5,000 and the Walking on Water

    nature miracles
  11. Sign 6
    Cure of the Blind Man

    healing miracle
  12. Sign 7
    The Raising of Lazarus

    miracle over death
  13. Similarities between the gospels for the ressurection
    • empty tomb
    • women witness
    • first day of the week (sunday)
  14. John differs from synoptic gospels
    • focus' on Christology from above
    • Last Supper occured a day earlier
  15. Meaning of Ressurection
    • ressurrection proved Jesus' claims to be God's Son- confirms Jesus' teachings
    • accomplished our salvation
    • gives us new life, justifies us in God's greace, adn adopts us into teh divine family
    • if we join ourselves to the Risen Lord and live according to his message, we will share in our own final ressurrection at the end of time
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