Deviance and Social stratification

  1. something different from the norm
  2. what has a negative connotation, bad reputation, and ostracize the person from society?
  3. what are the functions of Deviance?
    • clarifying norms
    • unify the group
    • diffuse tension
    • promote social change
    • provide jobs
  4. society are reminded of norms by people who break rules and are caught
    clarifying norms
  5. this draws a line between "good" members and outsiders
    unifying the group
  6. for when unhappy people who want to "act out"
    diffusing tension
  7. identifies problem areas
    where deviance is, authorities can change
    promoting social change
  8. what deviance function provide jobs to judges, lawyers, police officers, prison personnel..etc?
    providing jobs
  9. what are some perspectives and theories on explaining deviance?
    • functionalist perspective
    • conflict perspective
    • interactionist perspective
    • cultural transmission theory
    • labeling theory
  10. has the strain theory- caused by not attaining a certain high value goal
    functionalist perspective
  11. what perspective tells us that various classes in any society don't really like eachother?
    conflict perspectice
  12. what perspective has the control theory- study "normal" behavior in order to try to understand deviance
    interactionist perspective
  13. what theory says deviance is a learned behavior and says that the deviance look up to authority figures?
    cultural transmission theory
  14. studies how people in a society are labeled a deviant
    labeling theory
  15. what's a primary deviance?
    an unknown deviance
  16. what's a secondary deviance?
    known deviance
  17. what includes every reported and persuade crime in U.S. in a year
    Uniform Crime Report
  18. what are 4 different types of crime?
    • Murder
    • Victimless crimes
    • white collar crimes
    • Organized crimes
  19. no victim apart from the person in question
    example: prostitution and gamble
    based on morality law
    victimless crimes
  20. a "business" crime
    examples: insider trading, $ laundering, embezzlement, tax invasion, fraud, misinterpretation, identity theft, price fixing
    white collar crime
  21. usually conducted by a crime syndicate (family)
    hiearchy of criminals
    organized crime
  22. what are the following under: vandalism, arson, pollution crimes, willfull destruction of property, burglary, trespassing, grand theft auto?
    property crimes
  23. what are the type of courts?
    • municipal
    • county court
    • appellate court
  24. city/town court
    municipal court
  25. 1st trial begins at this court
    county court
  26. what are some correction facilities for deviants.
    • drug rehab programs
    • community service/probabtion
    • mental health facility
    • house arrest/prison
  27. odds of returning to prison
    recidisism rate
  28. percentage of repeat offenders?
  29. percentage of back in prison within 5 years?
  30. one of the oldest punishments
    capital punishment
  31. people in a given society aren't equal
    social inequality
  32. what are the 2 types of stratefication systems?
    caste and classes
  33. ability to advance/disadvance oneself in a society
    social mobility
  34. karma
    actions in life/role performance
  35. dharma
    role expectation...set of rules for living
  36. nirvana
    reacting perfection with your soul, becoming one with the diety
  37. marriage outside of social class
  38. marriage inside social class
  39. what are the 3 dimensions/aspects of class systems
    • wealth
    • power
    • prestige
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