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  1. What valence chromium are found? Which ones are biologically siginificant? Which is of industrial significance?
    • - metal, 2+ (divalent) - 6+ (hexavalent)
    • - Trivalent and hexavalent are the most significant biologically
    • - Hexavalent is the industrail importance
  2. What is the importance of chromium III (trivalent)?
    It is considered an essential trace nutrient for glucose metabolism as a cofactor for insulin action
  3. What are the two health effects of hexavalent chromium (6+)?
    • 1) Corrosive and causes chronic ulceration and perforation of nasal septum and other skin surfaces. aKa. Chrome Holes
    • 2) Cancer to the repiratory tract
  4. What is the ACGIH cancer rating of metal and chromium 3 compounds? Water soluble chromium 6 compounds? Insoluble chromium compounds?
    • A4 (Not classifiable as a human carcinogen)
    • A1 (Confirmed human carcinogen)
    • A1 (Confirmed human carcinogen)
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