soc after mid term

  1. the tendency of people to see the world only from their own cultural perspective
  2. an organized attempt by one society to eradicate another society or subgroup often not always violent
  3. rights of possession of land
    usufructuary rights
  4. is a complex national system of radical cultural and political domination that produces privileges beyond the surplus value generated by capitalism
  5. marriage within ones own group
  6. the process of continuing settler control and domination of Aboriginal Peoples.
    internal colonialism
  7. a place of residence and work where a large number of like situated individuals cut off from the wider society for an appropriate period of time together lead an enclosed formally administered round of life
    total institution
  8. essentially the removing of articles personal identification and other elements that tell individuals who they are
    identity stripping
  9. a lively hood earned by both traditional and modern means
    duel economy
  10. promises not fulfilled or interpretations of what was promised by either the treaties or scrip
    specific claims
  11. claims involving lands that they have never legally surrendered
    comprehensive claims
  12. small cultural and linguistic groups living together or coming together at various seasons and times as part of a larger Aboriginal society also a local unit operating under the Indian Act
  13. the world of the everyday the expected the mundane the explainable
    profane world
  14. the world of mystery, uncertainty and even danger
    sacred world
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soc after mid term
soc after midterm