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  1. What is Alternation of Generations?
    A life cycle in which there is both a muticelular diploid form, the sprophyte and a multicellular haploid form; the gametophyte.
  2. What is Antheridia? ( An-ther-id-dia)
    In plants, its the male gametangium, which is a moist chamber in with plants develop.
  3. What is Archegonia? (arch-e-gone-ia)
    In plants, its the female gametangium, which is a moist chamber in with plants develop.
  4. What is Cellulose? (cell-u-lo-se)
    A structure polysaccharide of plant cell walls, consisting of glucose monomers joined by Beta glycosideic linages.
  5. What is Club Moss?
    Homosporous spores borne in sporangia at bases of leaves, branching stems.
  6. What is a Cuticle?
    1) A waxy covering on the surface of stems and leaves that acts as an adaptation that prevents desiccation in terrestial plants. 2) exoskeletn of an arthropod 3) tough coat that covers the body of a nematode.
  7. Whats an Epiphyte?
    A plant that nourishes itself but grows on the surface of another plant for support, usually on branches.
  8. What are Ferns?
    Vascular plants that is in a group called pteridophyta.
  9. What is Fertilization?
    1) The union of haploid gametes to produce a diploid zygote.

    2) The addition of mineral nutrients in the soil.
  10. What Fronds?
    Large divided leaf!

    like the leafs on a farn
  11. What is Fragmentation?
    A means of asexual reproduction whereby a single parent breaks into parts that regenerate into whole new individuals.
  12. What are Gametophytes?
    (plants and some algea) that have alteration of generations, the multicellular haplod form that produces haploid gametes by mitosis.
  13. Hornwarts are?
    A small, herbaceous nonvascular plant that is a member of the phylum: Anthocerophyta.
  14. What are Horse Tail Plants?
    The only living genus in the vascular that reproduce spores rather tham seeds.
  15. What's Liver worts?
    A small, herbaceous nonvasculap plant of the phylum: heptophyta
  16. Whats Mitosis?
    Nuclear division in eukaryotic cells conventually divided into 5 phases: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.

    Replicates chromosomes equally to each daughter cell.
  17. Meiosis
    Cell division in sexually reproducing organisms consisting of 2 rounds of cell division but only one round of DNA replication
  18. Mosses are what?
    A small, herbaceous nonvascular plant with a phylum of: Byrophyta
  19. What in the crap is My-corr-hiz-ae?
    well it is a mutualistic association of plant roots and fungus.
  20. What is a phloem?
    a phloem is a vascular plant tissue consisting of living cells arranged into tubes that transport sugar and other organic nutrients throughout the plant.
  21. What is a Rhizoid?
    long tubular single cell or filament of cells that anchors bryophytes to the ground.

    NOT composed of tissues, NO primary role in water.
  22. Decribe a Seed
    adaptation of some terristeral plants consisting of an embryo packaged along with a store of food within a protective coat.
  23. Deffinition of a spore!
    1) in the life cycle of a plant or algae undergoing the alteration of generations, a haploid cell produced in the sporophyte by meiosis.

    2) In a fungus, a haploid cell, produced either sexually or asexually, that produces a mycellium after germination.
  24. Sporophyll, what is it?
    It is a modified leaf that bears sporangia and hence is specialized for reproduction.
  25. Whats a sori?
    A cluster of sporangia on a ferm sporophyll. arranged by parallel dots or lines ( useful in fern identification)
  26. Sporophyte is what?
    (plants n algea) that have alternation of generations, the multicellular haploid spores by meiosis that develop into gametophytes.
  27. What is a Strobila?
    The technical term for a cluster of sporophyllis or cone.
  28. What the fuck is a Thallus?
    A seaweed body that is plant like, consisting of holdfast, stipe, and blades, yet lack true roots, stems, and leaves.
  29. Whats a whisk fern!!
    It is the genus of a fern likr vascular plant, of the 2 genera in the family of

  30. Whats a xylem??
    Vascualr plant tissue consisting mainly of tubular dead cells that conduct most of the water and minerals upward from the roots to the rest of the plant.
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