Coastline Terms

  1. What is Fetch
    The DISTANCE over the wind has been blowing, and the force of the wind affects strength of the waves
  2. What is Marine
    The physical process of the SEA that shape teh landforms of a coastline
  3. What is Terrestrial?
    The physical processes of the LAND that shape the landforms of the coastline
  4. What is Swash?
    The forward movement of water as it moves UP a beach
  5. What is backswash?
    When the water runs back DOWN the beach under gravity
  6. What are constructive waves?
    This is when the backwash is stronger than the swash and matrial is moved up a beach and deposited.
  7. What are Destructive Waves?
    This is when the backwash is stronger than the swash and material is dragged down the beach and moved along the coast. (these waves do a lot of erosion along a coastline).
  8. Sub-aerial
    Occuring on the LAND (not under the air) not underground or underwater.
  9. Hydraulic action
    This is erosion from the sheer force of the waves hitting the cliffs and forcing pockets of air into cracks and crevices.
  10. What is Abrasion?
    This is when waves pick up stones and HURL them at the cliffs, wearing the cliffs away.
  11. What is Corrrosion?
    This is the dissolving of the rocks by sea water.
  12. What is Attrition?
    Materials are carried by the waves which become rounded and smaller over time as it collides with other material. It doesn't really erode the coast...
  13. What is Longshore drift?
    This is when waves move eroded material along the coastline for quite long distances.
  14. What is Wheathering?
    The breakdown of rocks in situ caused by the freeze thaw and growth of salt-crystals , by acid rain and by the growth of vegetation.
  15. What is Erosion?
    The wearing away of rocks by WIND and RAIN.
  16. What is Mass Movement
    The removal of cliff-face material under the influence of gravity in the form of , rock falls, slumping, and landslides.
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