1. What makes fat- soluable Vita so unique?
    • They require bile and other lipids to be absorbed in the small intestine.
    • They get circulated away from small intestine in lymph via chylomicrons
    • Large amt can be toxic.
    • Can be destroyed light and heat, except D
  2. Vita A and Carotenoids
    • Carotenoids are Preformed compound (in animals)
    • Retinol is the free floating form of Vita A
    • Beta Caretene is a Provitamin A, also an antioxidant; mostly abundant in yellow and orange veggies and fruits.
    • High intake of Vita A can lead to death. (not carotenoids)
  3. Hypercarotenemia
    Orange skin due to too much carotenoids, in food (veggies, carrots)
  4. Deficiency of Vita A
    Can lead to blindness, VADD, Xerophthamia - (damage of the cornea)
  5. Vita D "sunshine" and "Prohormone"
    • Produced by us, from the UV rays hitting the skin.
    • Can also be found Fatty fish and some plants
    • (1,25 - (OH-) D3 stimulates calcium absorption, w/o it, we wont able to take in calcium. Calcitriol Influence the absoption of Calcium.
    • Toxicity is RARE, but can be dangerous
  6. Rickets, Osteomalacia, and Osteoprosis

    Hypercalcemia vs. Hypercalciuria
    Deficiency of Vita D in Children, and Adults (soft and weak boned, vs. porous bones)

    Deposit in tissue vs. kidney stone formation
  7. Vita E - An Antioxidant
    • Protects Cells membrane
    • Activated form - Alpha-tocopherol, found in fatty foods - oil, seeds, nuts
    • Protect from cataracts formation
  8. Vita Deficiency & Toxicity - RARE
    • But can lead to hemolytic anemia and Neuromuscular problems.
    • Toxicity can lead to bleeding.
  9. Vita K -"Blood clotter"
    • Gets from dark green veggies, made in large intestines by microflora
    • Involves with Calcium to clot blood, also in bone mineralizing
  10. Vita K deficiency
    • Can lead to weak bone and bleeding,
    • Babies who were first born get Vita K injection.
    • No UL.
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