Eloquent Fighting and Combat

  1. alectryomachy
  2. batrachomyomachy
    battle between frogs and mice; a burlesque poem attributed to Homer
  3. cynartomachy
    bear-baiting using dogs
  4. duomachy
    duel or fight between two people
  5. gigantomachy
    war of giants against the gods
  6. hieromachy
    fight or quarrel between priests
  7. hoplomachy
    fighting while heavily armoured
  8. iconomachy
    opposition to the worship of images or icons
  9. logomachy
    contention about words or in words
  10. monomachy
    single combat; a duel
  11. naumachy
    mock sea-battle
  12. pneumatomachy
    denial of the divinity of the Holy Ghost
  13. poetomachia
    contest or quarrel among poets
  14. psychomachy
    conflict between the body and the soul
  15. pygmachy
    boxing; fighting with clubs
  16. pyromachy
    use of fire in combat
  17. skiamachy
    sham fight; shadow boxing
  18. symmachy
    fighting jointly against a common enemy
  19. tauromachy
  20. theomachy
    war amongst or against the gods
  21. titanomachy
    war of the Titans against the gods
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