reproductive system

  1. What are the gonads and what is their function?
    Testes and ovaries. Produce gametes (sperm and ova) and secrete reproductive hormones
  2. What is the role of the ducts?
    Transport, receive, and store gametes
  3. What is the role of the accessory glands?
    • Males: produce materials that support gametes
    • Female: provide lubrication for intercourse
  4. What is Darto's fascia?
    Smooth muscle in the superficial fascia of the scrotum. Responsible for tightening of the scrotal skin. (temperature regulation)
  5. What is the Cremaster muscle?
    One in each testis. A sling-like band of skeletal muscle derived from the internal abdominal oblique muscle of that side of the body.
  6. Describe the cremaster reflex.
    Contraction of the cremaster muscles(cremaster reflex) elevates the testes toward the body cavity during cold and sexual arousal. Relax during heat.
  7. Tunica vagnialis
    An extension of the peritoneum formed during the testicular descent.
  8. Tunica albuginea
    internal to tunica vaginalis. Dense connective tissue capsule (white coat)
  9. Lobules
    Extensions (septa) of the tunica albuginea into the substance of the testis divide it into 200-300 smaller compartments called lobules.
  10. Seminiferous tubules
    Within each lobule are 1-3 seminiferous tubules. Lined with spermatogenic cells.
  11. Spermatogonium
    most immature cell type that lies in the outer border of the tubule.
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