1. Global configuration command that changes this switch to the root switch. The switch's priority is changed to the lower of either 24576 or 4096 less than the priority of the current root bridge when the command was issued.
    spanning-tree vlan vlan-number root primary
  2. Global configuration command that sets this switch's STP base priority to 28672
    spanning-tree vlan vlan-number root secondary
  3. Global configuration command that changes the bridge priority of this switch for the specified VLAN
    spanning-tree [vlan vlan-id] {priority priority}
  4. Interface subcommand that changes the STP cost to the configured value.
    spanning-tree {VLAN vlan-number} cost cost
  5. Interface subcommand that enables EtherChannel on the interface.
    channel-group channel-group-number mode {auto|desirable|on}
  6. Interface subcommand that enables PortFast on the interface.
    spanning-tree portfast
  7. Interface subcommand to enable BPDU Guard on an interface
    spanning-tree bpduguard enable
  8. Global command to enable PVST+ and 802.1d(pvst), PVRST and 802.1w (rapid-pvst), or IEEE 802.1s (multiple spanning trees) and 802.1w (mst).
    spanning-tree mode {mst|rapid-pvst|pvst}
  9. Lists details about the state of STP on the switch, including the state of each port
    show spanning-tree
  10. Lists STP information only for the specified port
    show spanning-tree interface interface-id
  11. Lists STP information for the specified VLAN
    show spanning-tree vlan vlan-id
  12. Lists information about each VLAN's root or for just the specified VLAN
    show spanning-tree [vlan vlan-id] root
  13. Lists STP information about the local switch for each VLAN or for just the specified VLAN
    show spanning-tree [vlan vlan-id] bridge
  14. Causes the switch to provide informational messages about changes in the STP topology
    debug spanning-tree events
  15. Lists information about the state of EtherChannels on this switch.
    show etherchannel [channel-group-number] {brief|detail|port|port-channel|summary}
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