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  1. Assessment development was stimulated in the 20th century by
    • -Two world wars
    • -The need to identify people's capabilities
  2. Assessment can be defined as
    the use of any formal or informal technique to get data on a client
  3. 21st century assessment should be characterized by
    • -being only one piece of data in decision making
    • -used for exploration
    • -a desired method of assistance
  4. A counselor should NOT ask someone to take an assessment in order to
    identify reasons to exclude the person from career planning services
  5. Assessments can assist people because it helps them to
    • -clarify self-concepts
    • -identify their interests
    • -define their personality styles
  6. A structured interview is an example of
    informal assessment
  7. One advantage of formal assessment is
    the research behind it
  8. Validity in assessment instruments refers to
    its ability to measure what it says to measure
  9. If the results of an instrument are provided as a percentile score, it means that
    the person's scores are being compared to those of a norm group
  10. ______________doesn't measure an individual's interests related to Holland's six personality types
    Career Occupational Preference Survey
  11. The purpose in following a planful process of decision making is to
    increase the probability of achieving good outcomes.
  12. In addition to the planful decider, the following type can make good decisions
  13. An impulsive decision making style is difficult to use because this person
    makes choices without data.
  14. The SINGLE most AUTHORITATIVE source of occupational information is
    US Department of Labor
  15. Websites that are useful for career planning and information are being developed and maintained by the
    Department of Labor
  16. A good website for info on occupations, including salary and outlook is
  17. The most difficult part of helping people make a covational choice or change is
    helping them process the data and make a choice
  18. gives info on
    schools and getting an education
  19. O*Net provides info on
    occupational descriptions
  20. National Career Development Association provides
    quality standards for career information
  21. Students profit the most from websites when
    counselors follow through for discussions
  22. FAFSA predicts
    expected family contributions to a year at college
  23. Dictionary of Occupational Titles has been replaced by
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