OB Fourth Term

  1. Anticipatory Guidance
    Education about expected changes prior to their occurrence
  2. amnion

    the innermost membranes sac enclosing the embryo
  3. amniotic fluid
    serous fluid where the embryo is suspended
  4. antepartum
    occurring before birth
  5. ballottement
    • a palpatory technique for feeling the fetal position
    • Tap on the side of the abdomen and the fetus will "bounce"
  6. cephalocaudal
    follows definite and predictable pattern before and after birth" head to toe
  7. chorion
    the outermost membranous sac enclosing the embryo in higher vertabrae
  8. Chadwicks sign
    • cervix looks blue or purple when examined
    • a probable sign of pregnancy
  9. colostrum
    clear or slightly milky fluid before breast milk. It is produced throughout pregnancy from 14 weeks
  10. conception
    the union of sperm and ovum within outer 3rd of fallopian tube
  11. congenital
    Born with ( defects)
  12. decidua
    endometrium during pregnancy
  13. doppler
    electronic stethoscope
  14. embryo
    when the morula implants into the endometruim (decidua) until the 8th week after conception
  15. ductus venosus
    oxygenated blood from the umbilicus vein passes through the liver most enters the fetus in inferior vena cava through here
  16. ductus arteriosus
    connection between the pulmonary artery and the aorta that allows shunting of blood around the fetal lungs
  17. fetoscope
    measures fetal heart rate
  18. fetus
    ninth 9th week through birth
  19. formenovale
    an opening between the right and left atria ( permits most blood to bypass the right ventricle
  20. fundal height
    measurement of the size of uterus - from the pubic bone to to top of the uterus(fundus)
  21. gestation
    the period of time from the moment a mans sperm fertilizes a womans egg until birth
  22. Goodells sign
    • 8th week of gestation the cervix softens
    • probable sign of pregnancy
  23. grand multipara
    a woman whose given birth 5+ times
  24. gravida
    Latin term for pregnancy
  25. Hegars sign
    • at about 6 weeks cervix lower uterine segments begin to soften
    • probable sign of pregnancy
  26. hyperemesis
    • complication of 1st trimester of pregnancy
    • can cause dehydration, excessive vomiting
  27. implant
    burrowing of the future embryo into the endometrium
  28. lactation
    breast feeding, the ability to
  29. Linea nigra
    • line of darker pigmentation that often appears on the lower abdomen and extends from the umbilicus to the pubic bone.
    • presumptive sign of pregnancy
  30. lordosis
    inward curve of the lower back
  31. melasma
    • suntanned bronzed masking appearing across the face of dark haired women
    • presumptive sign of pregnancy
  32. morula
    ball of about 16 identical cells formed by the zygote
  33. multi-fetal
    twins or more
  34. multi gravida
    has had other births
  35. Na-gels rule
    • determines the estimated date of delivery
    • LNMP(+7days-3 months)=EDD
  36. Nurse midwife
    an RN with specialized training in labor and delivery or a Certified Midwife
  37. Obstetrician
    a physician who is a pregnancy specialist
  38. obstetrics
    a branch of medicine concerned with pregnancy
  39. para
    parting of mother and baby or birth itself # of babies born
  40. Pica
    abnormal craving for non food items during pregnancy such as clay dirt and corn starch
  41. placenta
    organs with a rich blood supply that carry food and oxygen to the fetus,caries waste away, produces hormones
  42. preconception
    care of the women before she is pregnant
  43. prenatal
    care of woman while she is pregnant
  44. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  45. ptylism
    increase in salivation
  46. quickening
    first fetal movements
  47. trimester
    3 month period or segment
  48. ultrasound
    visual of fetus.-evaluates fetal size development due date and some abnormalities
  49. umbilicus
    the navel
  50. viable
    having some chance of life outside the body usually at 20 weeks gestation
  51. Whartons jelly
    soft jelly-like substance that protects the cord (umbilicus)
  52. zygote
    fertilized ovum
  53. BBT
    Basal Body Temperature
  54. BMI
    Body Mass Index
  55. CNM
    Certified Nurse Midwife
  56. EDC
    Estimated date of confinment
  57. EDD
    Estimated Date of Delivery
  58. HCG
    • Presence of hormone called human chronic gonadotropin
    • Probable sign of pregnancy
  59. HPL
    Human Placental Latogen
  60. LMP
    Last Menstrual Period
  61. LNMP
    Last Normal Menstrual Period
  62. MSAF
    Maternal serum alpha fetoprotein = test for neural tube defects
  63. PIH
    Pregnancy induced hypertension
  64. PMP
    Previous menstrual period
  65. PPROM
    Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane
  66. PROM
    Premature rupture of membrane
  67. PTL
    Pre Term Labor
  68. RhoGam
    RH- she should receive RhoGam at week 28
  69. STD
    Sexually Transmitted Disease
  70. FHT
    Fetal Heart Tone
  71. Presumptive Pregnancy
    • Breast tenderness quickening fatigue frequent urination colostrum
  72. Probable Pregnancy Signs
    • Ballotement, HCG, Goodall's sign, Basal temp, Chadwick s sign, Hegars sign
  73. Positive signs of pregnancy
    • PROOF
    • Ultrasound fetal size fetal heart beat doppler utterine souffle fundi souffle
  74. amniohook
    under sterile conditions use of hook to perform aniotomy
  75. amniotomy
    artificial rupture of membranes
  76. birth plan
    a plan: written documentation which expectant mom expresses her labor and delivery wishes
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