Govt Ch 21

  1. What are the 2 subnational govts?
    • state
    • local
  2. What are 2 characteristics of subnational governments?
    • revitalization
    • diversity
  3. What are the 3 things that a state govt has?
    • Constitution
    • governor
    • legislature with 2 houses
  4. What are the 2 steps to amending the state constitutions?
    • 1. legislature passes a resolution by 2/3 votes
    • 2. a majority vote in the next election ratifies it
  5. What are two factors that can cause changes in state legislatures?
    • movement from rural to metropolitan
    • census
  6. Congressionalization
    the movement to make the campaign for state legislators more important/attractive
  7. What type of government has been the norm for state legislatures this decade?
    divided govt
  8. True or False: Turn over rates are generally high for state legislators.
  9. What is the governor's main constitutional responsibility?
    administering public policy
  10. What are the governor's 2 most important powers?
    • veto
    • executive budget
  11. What are the 3 personal powers of a governor?
    • character
    • leadership style
    • persuasive abilities
  12. Lieutenant Governor
    2nd highest executive official in state govt; presides over the state senate
  13. Name at least three other executive offices in state govt.
    • attorney general
    • treasurer
    • secretary
    • auditor
  14. What are the 3 functions of the state legislature?
    • make laws
    • appropriate money
    • oversee executive branch
  15. Legislative Professionalism
    reforms designed to improve the efficiency/effectiveness of state legislatures
  16. What 3 legislative reforms have taken place in state govts?
    • lengthening of legislative sessions
    • increase legislators' salaries
    • increase in staff
  17. The organization of state courts reflects what 2 influences?
    • model set by federal courts
    • judicial preferences of state's citizens
  18. Intermediate Court of Appeal
    reduces the pressure on the state supreme court of the many routine appeals of trial court decisions
  19. Merit Plan
    method for selecting state judges in which governors appoint persons based on the recommendations of a committee
  20. Direct Democracy
    govt controlled directly by citizens who have a direct impact on policymaking and political process by means of the voting booth
  21. Initiative
    process permitted in some states whereby voters may place proposed changes to state law on the ballot if sufficient signatures are obtained on petitions calling for such a vote
  22. Referendum
    hybrid of legislative and direct policymaking; state level method of direct legislation that gives voters a chance to approve/disapprove legislation/constitutional amendments
  23. Recall
    allows voters to call a special election for a specific official in an attempt to throw him/her out of office before their term is up
  24. Dillon's Rule
    local govts are subservient to state govts; local govts only have the powers given to them by the states
  25. Where do local govts receive their power to operate from in the Constitution?
    reserve powers under the 10th amendment
  26. Local Charter
    an organizational statement and grant of authority from a state to a local govt
  27. Home Rule
    practice by which municipalities are permitted by the states to write charters and change them within limits
  28. What does the sheer number of local govts do to democracy?
    It creates voter overload and ignorance which defeats the democratic purpose of citizen control
  29. 5 Types of Local Government
    • 1. counties - administrative arm of state govt run by county commission
    • 2. townships - administrative extensions of state and county govt
    • 3. municipalities - originally run by town meetings; provide local programs/services
    • 4. school districts
    • 5. special districts - provide only a single service
  30. 3 Types of Municipal Governments
    • mayor-council
    • council-manager
    • commission
  31. Council of Governments
    councils in many areas of the country where officials from various localities meet to discuss mutual problems and plan join, cooperative action
  32. Sunset Legislation
    periodically reviewing agencies to control the growth of govt and eliminate unneeded programs
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