1. Ahura Mazda
    The Wise Lord
  2. Amesha Spenta
    (Holy immortals) In Zoroaster's understanding, Ahura Mazda revealed himself to human kind through the agency of six modes
  3. Spenta Mainyu
    The Beneficent Spirit
  4. Angra Mainyu
    The Evil Spirit
  5. Humata, Hukhta, and Hvarshta
    good thought, good, word, good deed
  6. Mithra
    • Judgest the soul before going to after life.
    • Known as the giver and benefactor of cattle, a god of lights and represent of loyalty and obedience
  7. Dakhmas
    • Tower of silence
    • Corpse laid out till bone remains.
    • Respecting the elements
  8. Avesta
    • Sacred book of Zoroastrianism
    • ("Book of the Law"), a fragmentary collection of sacred writings
    • It consists of: liturgical works with hymns ascribed to Zarathustra (the Gathas); invocations and rituals to be used at festivals; hymns of praise; and spells against demons and prescriptions for purification.
  9. Yasna
    liturgical (how religious worship is constructed) material in 72 chapters
  10. Gathas
    • hymns of early Zoroastrianism
    • words from the prophet Zoroaster
  11. Saoshyants
    • (delievers) those who benefit the community
    • when religious practices strayed from truth, to restore the purity of the religion
  12. Consume haoma plant again b/c...
    • myth elerate status of Zoroaster to a godlike being
    • people consume haoma juice again
  13. Jasans
    The feast in honor of Amesha Spenta or the Yazad to who the month belongs (held every month)
  14. New Year's Day (No Ruz)
    • (celebrated first day of month of year) aka Farvardin.
    • Celebrate good fortune and birth of Zarathusra on 6th of every month, 11th on 10th month
  15. Gahambars
    • 6 seasonal Feasts.
    • Each feast last 5 days
  16. All Souls' Day (Muktad)
    Believed the dead return to their homes, where they are welcomed
  17. What is the meaning and significance of the sadra/kushti
    • Sadra - sacred shirt
    • Kushti - sacred thread (made of 72 threads represent 72 chapter of Yasna)
    • 7 years old in India, 10 years old in Iran = wear rest of life
    • Kusti used in prayers
  18. What is the chinvat bridge
    • the bridge you pass to get to the heaven/ hell
    • heaven - easy path, wide path, meet with maid
    • hell - tight path, fall into flames of hell
  19. Theme of the 4 Zoroastrian festival
    celebrate on celebration and emphasis on months
  20. Who are the Parsis and what is the significance of Bombay
    Parsis are Zoroastrians who live in India. Bombay have largest Parsi community
  21. Why is Zoroastrianism in decline
    • despersion of Iranian population
    • strongly condemed intermarrage with members of the religion
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