1. Mandate
    the instructions voters give to their elected officers
  2. Straw Vote
    a poll the tries to assess opinion simply by asking the same questions to a large number of people
  3. Public Opinion
    governmental or political attitudes held by a significant number of people
  4. Quota Sample
    a sample constrcted to represent the major characteristics of the universe
  5. Special Session
    an emergency may prompt the president to call a special session
  6. Random Sample
    a sample in which each member of the universe has an equal chance of being included based on probability and small margin of error
  7. Continous Body
    with just a fraction of its seats up for election at any ont time the Senate is the sole continuous body in Congress
  8. Apportion
    Seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned among the States according to their population
  9. At-large
    Staes with only one member in the House of Representatives use the At-large system to elect their representative
  10. Single-Member District
    voters choose among candidates running exclusively in their districts under the Single-member system of election
  11. Ballot Fatigue
    the phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices farther down the ballot
  12. Nonvoting Voter
    a person who votes in the presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate in the same election
  13. Wesberry v. Sanders Ruling
    one person's vote is equal to another's
  14. Session
    the regular period of time during which Congress conducts its business
  15. Stae Legislatures
    this group has generally used its power to gerrymander congressional districts
  16. Congressional Elections
    they must be held on the first tuesday after the first Monday in november
  17. Caucus
    the least democratic method for nominating candidates
  18. Money = Influnce
    best description of a major motivation of contributors to political campaigns
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