Stress Management Med Psych

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  1. Coping
    Managing demands that exceed individuals resources
  2. Diaphragmatic breathing
    • Use diaphragm to breath
    • Focus on breathing to relax

    Contraindication - panic disorder
  3. Progressive muscle relaxation
    Tensing, then relaxing muscle groups (or imagine it)

    Contraindications - hypertention, heart disease, anxiety, panic disorder
  4. Imagery
    Use imagination to create a relaxing environment

    Contraindications - abuse
  5. Cognitive techniques
    Focus on individuals cognitions produce ANS activation
  6. Biofeedback
    Present info on physiological activity which they are normally unaware of
  7. Self hypnosis training
    • Relax their body and engage in a state of resting alertness
    • Often in pain patients
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