1. What cream is often used for Diaper rash?
    What's the active ingredient?
    What does it do?
    What else is it used for?
    • Desitin.
    • Zinc Oxide.
    • Barrier between moisture and skin.
    • Burns, cuts, scrapes.
  2. What's the medical term for Mongolian spot?
    Dermal melanocytosis
  3. How long does it take for hemangiomas to disappear?
    60% by 5 yrs, 90-95% by 9 yrs.
  4. When does baby acne usually strike?
    3-4 weeks old.
  5. What causes baby acne?
    Most likely hormones from mom twoard the end of pregnancy stimulating the baby's oil glands.
  6. When does baby acne look the worst?
    When crying or fussy.
  7. When should you consult the doctor abotu baby acne?
    If it doesn't clear within 3 months.
  8. How does baby acne appear?
    Small pusutles surrounded by erythematous skin, mostly on cheeks, forehead, and chin.

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  9. When do Mongolian spots disappear
    4 yrs old, almost all by puberty. Few last for life.
  10. In which populations are Mongolian spots common?
    • 90% in East Asians, Indonesians (& other Mongoloid races)
    • 90% in Native Americans
    • 80% in Asians
    • 70% Hispanics.
  11. Where's a Mongolian spot usually found?
    The sacrococcygeal area.
  12. When is milia? When does it usually resolve?
    Milia are white papules caused by retention of keratin and sebaceous material (dead skin) in the pilaceous follicles. They are frequently found on the nose and cheeks, and chin and resolve in the first few weeks of life.
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