Reproductive System

  1. antepartum
    before birth
  2. breech presentation
    placement of the fetus in which the buttock or feet are presented first for delivery rather than the head
  3. cervix
    the neck of the uterus that joins to the vagina
  4. colposcope
    instrument to view inside the vagina
  5. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstrual flow
  6. dystocia
    painful labor and childbirth
  7. embryo
    the term to describe the developing infant from fertilization until the end of the eighth week
  8. endometriosis
    abnormal condition of endometrium tissue appearing throughout the pelvis or on the abdominal wall
  9. fallopian tubes
    organs in the female reproductive system that transport eggs from the ovary to the uterus
  10. fetus
    the term to describe the developing newborn from the end of the eighth week until birth
  11. gestation
    the length of time from conception to birth
  12. hysteropexy
    surgical fixation of the uterus
  13. lactation
    the function of secreting milk after childbirth from the breasts or mammary gland
  14. laparotomy
    incision into the abdomen
  15. mammoplasty
    surgical repair of the breast
  16. menarche
    the first menstrual period
  17. menopause
    cessation or ending of menstrual activity
  18. menstruation
    the loss of blood and tissue as the endometrium is shed by the uterus
  19. nullipara
    no births
  20. oophorectomy
    removal of the ovary
  21. ovaries
    almond-shaped glands that produce ova and the female sex hormones
  22. perineum
    the external region between the vagina and anus
  23. placenta
    organ attached to the uterine wall that is composed of maternal and fetal tissues
  24. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  25. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy
  26. puberty
    beginning of menstruation and the ability to reproduce
  27. salpingitis
    inflammation of the fallopian tube
  28. uterus
    the womb
  29. vagina
    organ in the female reproductive system that receives the penis and semen
  30. vulva
    general term meaning the external female genitalia
  31. anorchism
    condition of no testes
  32. balanorrhea
    discharge from the glans penis
  33. circumcision
    surgical removal of the end of the prepuce or foreskin of the penis
  34. cryptochidism
    failure of the testes to descend into the scrotal sac before birth
  35. epididymal
    pertaining to the epididymis
  36. epididymis
    coiled tubule that lies on top of the testes within the scrotum that stores sperm as they are produced
  37. glans penis
    the larger and softer tip of the penis
  38. hydrocele
    accumulation of fluid around the testes or along the spermatic cord
  39. orchiopexy
    surgical fixation of testes
  40. penis
    the male sex organ
  41. phimosis
    narrowing of the foreskin over the glans penis
  42. prepuce
    a protective covering over the glans penis
  43. prostatectomy
    removal of the prostate
  44. scrotum
    sac that serves as a container for the testes
  45. semen
    combination of sperm and fluids secreted by the male reproductive glands
  46. sperm
    the male sex cell
  47. spermatocide
    agent used in the destruction of sperm
  48. spermatogenesis
    formation of mature sperm
  49. spermatolysis
    sperm destruction
  50. testes
    oval glands located in the scrotum that produce sperm and the male hormone testosterone
  51. testicular
    pertaining to the testes
  52. testicular torsion
    twisting of the spermatic cord
  53. vas deferens
    long, straight tube that carries sperm
  54. vasectomy
    removal of a segment of the vas deferens to prevent sperm from leaving the male body
  55. vasovasostomy
    surgical procedure to reconnect the vas deferens to reverse a vasectomy
  56. C-section
    cesarean section
  57. D&C
    dilation and curettage
  58. LMP
    last menstrual period
  59. TAH-BSO
    total abdominal hysterectomy-bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
  60. BPH
    benign prostatic hypertrophy
  61. DRE
    digital rectal exam
  62. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
  63. TURP
    transurethral resection of the prostate
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