Psych 230 exam 4 chapter 13

  1. Senescene
    primary aging, neutral physical decline due to aging
  2. secondary aging
    physical decline due to enviornmental factors or choices made by person
  3. Stress
    physical/physiological response to a stressor, stimulus that may produce feelings of tension and anxiety
  4. Cognitive appraisel: primary appraisel
    assesment of event to determine whether implications are positive, negative, neutral
  5. Cognitive appraisel: Secondary appraisel
    assesment of whether one's responses are sufficent to cope with potential stressor
  6. Types of coping: problem-focus
    focused on reducing stressor
  7. Types of coping: emotional-focus
    focused on one's feelings about stressor
  8. Types of coping: defensive coping
    unconscious strategies, focused on freuds defense mechanisms
  9. Types of coping: other factors
    social support, predictability, knowledge, internal locus of control
  10. Psychoneuroimmunology
    study of relationship between brain, immune system, and psychological factors
  11. Cognitive development: postformal thought
    dialectical thought, emphasis on contradictions, focus on debate of issues, integration of opposing views
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Psych 230 exam 4 chapter 13
Psych 230 exam 4 chapter 13