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  1. What is HAMA response?
    murine (mouse) antibodies that cause a unique response
  2. what is a Naked antibody?
    One that induces ADCC
  3. What is a conjugated monoclonal antibody (Immunoconjugate)?
    Antibody bound to toxin, drug, chemotherapy used to attack cells and release toxins
  4. Why use Fab fragments over Fc?
    Fab does not mount an immune response, so the toxin is just taken care of with less side effects
  5. What is a neutralizing agent?
    One used to fight toxins
  6. What is the function of RhoGAM?
    given to Rh- mothers to clear fetal RBCs before mother mounts an immune response against child
  7. Cetuximab
    Monoclonal against EGF receptor (Growth factor)
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