Comm & Gender

  1. contradiction
    incompatibility between two groups you compare together
  2. juxtaposition
    comparing two things together
  3. foil
    a character that contrasts another character
  4. vigilant heterosexuality
    evolved to counter homophobic perceptions of woman athletes
  5. hegemony
    the political, ideological or cultural power excerpted by a dominant group over other groups
  6. hegomonic masculinity
    refers to the belief in the existence of a culturally normative ideal of male behavior. Strongly encourages men to embody this kind of masculinity.
  7. restrictive code
    the speech patterns thought to be more common among working class, less educated people, using a smaller vocabulary, simpler grammatical structure and a greater assumption of shared understanding.
  8. media framing
    people build a series of mental filters through biological and cultural influences.
  9. deception narrative
    story about a persons life is false or deceived to be read in a certain way.
  10. false conciousness
    misleading. Betray the true relations of forces between people.
  11. heteronormativity
    any of a set of lifestyle norms that hold that people fall into distinct and complementary genders. Natural roles in life. Heterosexuality=sexual orientation.
  12. the mechanistic mind
    set has gone beyond generalizations to give us very specific masculine mystique ideas for the masculine, both in body and in mind.
  13. machine man
    • military men, robocop, terminator. Instructed to obey, not to think. Impervious to emotion and pain.
    • The machine man is not only incapable of showing care for others, he rarely shows it towards his own physical or mental health.
  14. commercial masculinity
    the "crises" in masculinity engendered by the phenomenon of commercial masculinity. Metrosexuality served a crucial rhetorical function for the reconciliation of commercial masculinity with normative masculinity by organizing homosociality in strategic ways.
  15. masculinity in crises
    • moving from farms to factories.
    • industrialization- no longer see fruits of their labor, people used as machines-dehumanized.
  16. reconstruction of masculinity
    how men should be
  17. homosociality
    describes same sex relationships that are not of a romantic or sexual nature, such as friendship, mentorship, or others. The opposite of homosocial is heterosocial, preferring non-sexual relations with the opposite sex. In group relations involving more than two individuals, the relation can be either homosocial(involving same-sex social relations)
  18. docile bodies
    requires that an uninterrupted coercion be directed to the very processes of bodily activity.
  19. objectification theory
    says that women are disconnected from their bodies-view themselves as others see them, men are slowly becoming disconnected.
  20. tough guise
    an extreme showing, performance of masculinity- not all men do it but all taught.
  21. hidden gender
    gun violence-most done by men
  22. metrosexuals
    are not interested in sexuality like other men are.-not gay. Focus on how they look.
  23. crisis
    destabilizing power of women growing-women more like men.
  24. commercial masculinity
    objectification and comodification of men and masculinity that has patterns and practices of consumption, pose unique and significant challenges to conventional, normative masculinity.
  25. beyond double bind
    not taken seriously
  26. seductress
    Palin seen as attractive/younger
  27. mother
    used to see Palin and condidates as feminine
  28. pet
    mccain proud of Pailin, someone who needs to be taken care of.
  29. iron maiden
    Clinton, not emotional, brute, makes strong decisions.
  30. two culture theory
    women and men come from separate cultures/worlds.
  31. masculinity performance
    masculinity is non-performative.
  32. Forms of Masculine performance
    • butch realness(ethnic displays)
    • femme pretender(exposing more exagerrated like queens.
    • male mimicry- how to act like a man
    • fag drag- gay male masculinity
    • denaturalized masculinity- show its not natural.
  33. polysemous
    idea that there are multiple meanings/readings
  34. polyvalence
    different values/multiple values
  35. the male gaze
    ideas, camera angles are designed to look at an image from a point of view.
  36. oppositional gaze
    ho do you read it--subtext, different point of view other than what they want you to look at.
  37. passive objectification
    removed from career
  38. double standard
    • black mans power over white race?
    • general public is used to accusing black men.
    • in our society we treat all women like they are devalued
  39. abject
    in order to be in power you have to have someone below you never want to be at the bottom of the hierarchy.
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