The Nature & Parameter of Communities

  1. community
    • group of populations of organisms in a given place
    • members interact ecologically both directly and indirectly
    • an ecological unit including groups of various sizes (numbers of species) and degree of integration
  2. Clement's View
    • communities = real
    • organized systems of recurrent species
  3. Gleason's View
    • communities = not real
    • haphazard assemblages of species with minimal integration
    • byproduct of human desire to classify things
  4. associations
    • communities of plants with a definite floristic composition
    • used in same way that zoologist uses "community"
    • ex: Beech-Maple Association
  5. stand
    • concrete unit of vegetation observed in the field and making up part of an association
    • concrete unit: spatially bounded patch; clear spatial boundaries
  6. community parameters
    • attributes of the group of co-occurring species
    • 1. species diversity
    • 2. growth form and function
    • 3. dominance
    • 4. relative abundance
    • 5. trophic structure
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The Nature & Parameter of Communities