EM Radiation

  1. Which of the following frequencies of electromagnetic radiation has the shortest wave length?
    • >>. 2.00x10 17
    • . 5.00 x 10 14
    • . 3 x 10 9
  2. The type of EM radiation that has the shortest wavelength...
  3. When a wave is moving at a constant speed and the frequency increses the..
    wavelength decreases
  4. Order of shortest to longest wavelength...
    gamma, UV, Violet, Blue, Green, Red, IR, Microwave, Radio
  5. what happenes to the energy of the em when the frequency is increased?
    energy in also increased.
  6. The shortest wavelength of visible light...
    violet light.
  7. shortest electromagnetic waves..
    Gamma waves
  8. Cause damage to living tissue..
    UV waves
  9. Light travels at a constant............. of 3x108 m/s in a vacuum.
  10. you see a bright orange shirt....
    the orage shirt reflected orange and absorbed all the other colors of light.
  11. why would white be a good color to wear on a hot day...
    it reflects every light
  12. Machanical waves require what where as non machanical waves dont?
    A medium.
  13. Radio waves and sound waves are examples of
    non machanical waves.
  14. Flat mirrors distance from the mirror
    equal to the of the object
  15. Specular Reflection occurs when
    light reflecting off a smooth surface
  16. diffuse reflection
    reflection off a rough surface
  17. which wave interaction causes a change in speed wavelength and direction?
  18. a white ray of light from water to air angles at 40 degrees In the air the ray will...
    speed up and bed away fro the normal.
  19. how do you calculate focal distance?
    1/f= 1/di+1/do
  20. wavelength of light equation?
    c=(upside down y) x f
  21. When lightwaves bend around a corner or through a small opening this proscess ia called...
  22. when a light hits a hard object and bounces off this is called....
  23. when light goes through a medium this is called...
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