Melchiode Adolescence

  1. Task of adolescence
    • 1. Independence from parental ties
    • 2. Establishing sexual relationships
    • 3. Consolidating sense of self ID (sense of ID over time, clearer ID is to self=healthier, ID as part of grp_
    • 4. Cognitive Dev
  2. Cognitive Development-> Piaget‘s Formal operations
    • 1. Reflect on own thinking
    • 2. Deductive reasoning
    • 3. Reason using contradictory fact propositions
    • 4. Consider several variables
    • 5. Conceive of multiple causality
  3. Erikson
    • Identity v. Role Confusion
    • Master--= sense of self ID
    • Fail= rle confusion

    Kernberg (NOT Kohlberg & morality): identity diffusion lack of: 1. capacity to xperience guilt/concern, wish to repair aggressive behavior after outburst 2. capacity to establish lasting, non-exploitive relations, realistic assessment of ppl 3. consistent expanding deepening values
  4. Charcteristics of Early Adolescence
    • 1. Diff time for many kids
    • 2. Body changes (menarch: 10.5-15, 12avg; sperm @ 14.5)
    • 3. Fighting with kids/parents- regression (clean room); narcissistic (snesitive to how THEY are treated, not how they treat others); invincible
    • 4. Sexuality- ldon't interact with opp gender, only school and technology
  5. Struggles/Accomplishments in Sexuality
    • Early: falling in love: picking on someone, friends opinions & how reflects on you
    • Middle (14-16): mixed gender grps, narcissistic/prsnl gain, girls have bf 2 yrs older
    • Late (17 and up): pregnancy: 800,000; 12th grade 60% have had sex, STD/I, shared happiness, partners same age, homo/bi relatnships, parents might push to date in sexual situations b4 ready, live out sexuality of parent
  6. "Conscience" and "Ego"
    • Superego- moral values-->contains conscience & ego ideal
    • "Conscience"- moral standard of right and wrong (Kohlberg- Conventional level moral dev @ stages 3&4)
    • Preconventional->1/2 obedience/punishment respectively
    • 3: "good boy/nice girl"- confirm to what's expected
    • 4: authority of laws/rules to det right and wrong
    • "Ego"- idea standards that you msr self against: aids in sexual ID and solidification, changes with prsn
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