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  1. What is the main military publication for MDMP?
    FM 5-0
  2. What are the seven steps of MDMP?
    • RoM
    • Mission analysis
    • COA development
    • COA analysis
    • COA comparison
    • COA approval
    • Orders production
  3. Who alerts staff upon RoM as part of MDMP?
    Operations section
  4. What are the two most important parts of MDMP?
    • Mission Analysis
    • COA analysis, comparison, and approval
  5. What is important about the definition of MDMP as found in FM 5-0, Appendix B?
    • Understand the situation
    • Develop/compare COAs to accomplish mission
    • Produce operations plan or order
  6. What rule is followed as part of MDMP?
    1/3 (planning) 2/3 (preparation)
  7. What are the two types of assessments made in MDMP?
    • tactical risks
    • accidental risks
  8. What are key tasks in MDMP mission analysis?
    • identify critical facts (known data)
    • develop assumptions
    • assess accidental and tactical risks
    • determine essential/implied/explicit tasks
  9. As part of MDMP, in what step should you ensure CMO is included in the CDR briefs?
    Mission analysis
  10. COAs that are developed should be...
    • feasible
    • acceptable
    • suitable
    • distinguishable
    • complete
  11. COA analysis (war-gaming)...
    ...considers friendly dispositions, enemy assets, probably COAs, and characteristics of the AO.
  12. Chief of Staff/XO is responsible for... responsible for coordinating the actions of staff during the COA analysis phase of MDMP.
  13. As part of the COA comparison phase of MDMP... COA is selected that has the highest probability of success against enemy's most dangerous and most likely COA in this phase of MDMP.
  14. Paragraph 3 of the CMO estimate (also part of paragraphs 5 and 6) is primary formed by...
    ...information developed during COA comparison/analysis phases of MDMP is the basis for these paragraphs of the CMO estimate.
  15. CMO/CA planners prepare the CMO annex based on... approved COA for the basis for this document.
  16. A statement of known data
    What is a fact?
  17. Commanders use MOE to...
    ...determine how well or poorly and operation or projects is/are proceeding in achieving the goals of the operations.
  18. MOE refers to...
    ...observable, usually quantifiable, subjective indicators that an activity is proceeding along a desired path.
  19. MOEs are identified in what phase of the CA methodology?
    Decide phase of CA methodology identifies these.
  20. MOEs are evaluated/changed/managed in what phase of the CA methodology?
    Evaluate phase of CA methodology evaluates, changes or manages these.
  21. MOEs should be based on what?
    International standards should be the basis of these.
  22. Commanders use MOEs for what purposes?
    Who uses MOEs to monitor the course of operations?
  23. Which measure asks, "Have we done things right?"
  24. MOP refers to...
    ...quantitative analysis that determines whether an element or individual performed the task or action according to standard. (Confirms whether the activity was done correctly).
  25. What is the CMO Estimate?
    A CA planner's estimate of how civil considerations may influence the COAs the commander is considering.
  26. Which paragraphs of the CMO estimate correspond to MDMP mission analysis?
    Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the CMO estimate correspond to which MDMP step?
  27. Which paragraphs of the CMO estimate correspond to COA development?
    Paragraphs 3-6 of the CMO estimate correspond to this MDMP step.
  28. A CMO estimate must be...
    ...simple, direct and sustainable.
  29. The CMO estimate supports...
    ...decision making throughout an operation.
  30. What are the three major parts of the CMO annex?
    • Situation paragraph
    • Execution paragraph
    • Assessment matrix
  31. What does the CMO annex appendix include?
    Diagrams, sync matrices, civil overlays, and other graphics tools are included where in the CMO annex?
  32. What are two documents that assist in developing the CA Annex?
    Area studies and CMO estimates assist in developing what?
  33. Is a task organization a list of all critical tasks to be performed in support of CMO?
  34. What are the six paragraphs of the CMO estimate?
    • 1. Mission
    • 2. Situation and Considersations
    • 3. Courses of Action
    • 4. Analysis of COAs
    • 5. COA Comparisons
    • 6. Recommendations
  35. What are supports decision making throughout the operation?
    CMO estimate
  36. What forms the CMO esimate's situational picture?
    Situational details form what's situation picture?
  37. What is done in paragraph 5, COA Comparison, of the CMO estimate?
    • Compare the COAs in terms of evaluation criteria.
    • Rank order COAs for each criterion.
    • Visually support the comparison with a decision matrix.
  38. What three tasks are done in paragraph 4 for the CMO esimate, Analyzing COA?
    • Determine potential for unintended consequences.
    • Assess the effectiveness of CMO-related capabilities and vulnerabilities.
    • Analyze the risk in executing CMO in the COA in terms of non-availability of assessements and resources.
  39. COAs should meet what screeing criteria?
    • feasible
    • acceptable
    • suitable
    • distinguishable
    • complete
  40. What paragraph of the CMO annex provides the direction needed to focus and sync the effects of the COA or CMO elements?
    The Execution Paragraph of the CMO annex provides what?
  41. What two paragraphs of the CMO estimate are completed during mission analysis?
    Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the CMO staff estimate is completed during what part of the CMO estimate?
  42. Where do you identify critical facts, develop assumptions and make risks assessments?
    Mission analysis identifies what three things?
  43. FM 3-05.40, Appendix B is where you find...?
    CMO estimate format is found where?
  44. During what phase of MDMP is Chapter 3 of the CMO estimate completed?
    COA development is completed in what chapter of the CMO estimate?
  45. CMO/CA planners prepare the CMO annex based on...
    approved COA.
  46. Friendly forces, assumptions, characteristics of the AO, and enemy forces (FACE) are the sub paragraphs to what paragraph CMO estimate?
    Situation and Considerations
  47. What considers friendly dispositions, enemy assets, probable COAs, and characteristics of the AO?
    COA analysis and war-gaming considers what?
  48. The situation paragraph of the CMO annex provides what?
    Operational details on situation from a CMO perspective are in what paragraph of the CMO Annex?
  49. The execution paragraph and matrix of the CMO annex provides what?
    Direction needed to focus the effects of teh CMO elements and related activities is provided in what paragraph of the CMO Annex?
  50. What is added to the CMO annex?
    CMO reference, CMO task organization, interagency task organization and CMO appendix is added to what document?
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