Rome Vocab

  1. Consuls
    Official from patrician class who supervises government and commands army
  2. Veto
    Power to block a government action
  3. Dictator
    Leader appointed to rule for 6 months in time of emergency; ruler who has complete control
  4. Legions
    Basic Roman army; about 5,000 soliders
  5. Censor
    Restriction on access to idea or information
  6. Tribunes
    Official in Rome who was elected by Plebins to protect ideas
  7. Tribute
    Payment that conquered peoples were forced to make conquerers
  8. Imperator
    Domination by one country of political, economic, and cultural life of another country
  9. Devalued
    Reduce the value of
  10. Inflation
    Economic circle involving rapid rise in prices linked to amount of money
  11. Mosaics
    Picture made from chips of colored stone/ glass
  12. Messiah
    Savior sent by God
  13. Hierarchy
    System of ranking people within a society
  14. Pope
    Head of Roman Catholic Church
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Rome Vocab
Rome Vocab