Human Growth & Dev

  1. girls begin their growth spurt around age ____ while boys begin their growth spurt around age
    10 : 12
  2. When physical characteristics such as elderly onset of menstruation or incrteased height and weight, change over the course of several generations this is an example of
    secular trend
  3. develpmentalist suggest that along with early late maturity all of the following may be more pertinent in determining an adolescents behavior except
    IQ Development
  4. by drinking milk during the teenage years girls can consume enough required _____ to avoid _____
    calcium : Osteoperosis
  5. what area of the brain goes through significant dev during the adolescent years
    prefrontal cortex
  6. approx how many cig does an adolescent have to smoketo increase his/her chance of being an addicted and habitual smoker for life.
    10 cigarettes
  7. according to piaget, the stage at which people develop the ability to think abstractly is called
    formal operational stage
  8. which of the following terms relates to knowledge that people have about their own thinking processes and their abilty to monitor their cognitionq
  9. the perspective that sees changes in adolecents cognitive abilities as evidence of gradual transformation in the capacity to take in use and store information is called
    the information processing perspective
  10. 15 year old lawrence thought he had prepared for his final exams; however, when he got his scores he was disappointed. rather than reviewing the areas of the test where he didnot fare so well, Lawrence confronted his teacher with a verbal lashing and accused the teacher of being "out to get him" lawrences behavior could be considered an example of
    adolescent egocentrism
  11. brazillian adolescent boys who feel invulnerable and therefore engage in risky behavior such as riding the roof of a high speed train are exhibiting
    a personal fable
  12. which of the following was not included in the text as a factor in determining an adolecent females self esteem
    athletic achievement
  13. psychologist james marcia proposed ____categories of adolescent identity
  14. according to james marcia the status of adolecents who commit to a particular identity following a period of crisis during which they consider various alternatives is called
    identity acheivement
  15. according to james marcia which of the following four categories of identity dev leads to rigid strength authoritarian behavior and a high need for social approval
    identity foreclosure
  16. warren is a 16 yo male who recently started to give away important posessions, stopped eating, and demonstrates general depression in that he was lethargic and uncomminicative warren is likely demonstrating signs of
    the possibilty of suicide
  17. according to your text boys may be more likely to react to stress by turing inward, resulting in a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. girls in contrast more often externalize the stress and act more impulsively or aggressively or turn to drugs or alcohol
  18. the desire to have independence and a sence of conrol over ones life is called
  19. groups of people with whom one compares oneself are called
    reference groups
  20. sallys adolescent classmates call her and the other 125 members of her advanced computer software group "nerds" meaning she is part of a
  21. research supports that which of the following influences sexual orientaion
    • genetic factors
    • structures of the brain
    • hormone production
    • family or peer environment
    • all of the above
  22. when a person pursues sexual reassignment surgery because they feel as though they were born with the wrong physical sex (ie trapped in the wrong body) this is called being
  23. the natural physical decline brought about by aging is called
  24. molly is a 27 yo female who looks years older than her actual age. she lives a high risk lifestyle that includes regular use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs, and she has never exercised regularly. Molly's behavioral choices have likely brought about
    secondary aging
  25. what is the name for the new field of study that researches the relationship among the brain, immune system, and psychological factors with regard to stress related events
  26. the physical and emotional response to events that threge us iaten or challenge us is called
  27. the effort to control, reduce, or learn to tolerate the threats that lead to stress is called
  28. allison is having a gty ireat deal of difficuln her statistic class. she goes to her teacher to discuss ways in which she can improve her skills or even drop the class if necessary. allison is demonstrating
    problem focused coping
  29. according to Lebouvie vief the complexity of society requires specialization of thought. therefore, thought is not necessarily based on only logic but also requires all of the following except
    intellectual superiority
  30. researcher Gisela labouvie Vief promoted _____, and Piaget beleived in ______
    • postformal thought
    • formal operations
  31. According to Shaie what is the mission of young adulhood
  32. according to schaie old age marks a period in which people no longer focus on acquiring knowledge to solve potential problems, but rather focus on acquiring information directed toward issues of personal interest. He calls this stage
    reintergrative stage
  33. psyc robert sternberg proposed a theory that intelligence is made up of three major components: componential, experimental, and contextual which he called
    triarchic theory of intellegence
  34. combining responses or ideas in novel ways define
  35. psyc Ravenna Helson found that women finding a spouse embarking on traditional feminine behavior occurs from ages
  36. Erik Erickson regarded young adulthood as the time of the _____stage, which spans the period of postadolescence into the early 30's
    intamacy vs isolation
  37. your text suggest that we choose friends because of
    • proximty
    • similarity
    • personal qualities
    • all of these
  38. according to Robert Sternberg liking develops when only ___is present
  39. mark and angela met one night at a local bar, and after dating for two weeks they decided to move in together despite barely knowing each other. psych Robert Sternberg would call their relationship
    fatuos love
  40. in general the values applied to relationships by heterosexual gay lesbian couples are more similar than different
  41. in what culture do men rank good health more important in marriage than love
  42. In which of the following countries is cohabitation the norm
  43. the number of children that one generation must produce to be able to replenish its numbers it called
    replacement level
  44. whose research, regarding career choice and personality traits ,has been validated and used as the foundation for job quizzes that people take to see what occupations they might enjoy
  45. changes in a persons height and weight during middle adulthood are accompanied by a decline in
  46. Dr Johnson is lecturing to a group of medical students. Her Lecture focuses on the period beginning around 10 years prior to menopause when hormone production begins to change, she is discussing
  47. despite decline in testosterone levels and perm count men are able to father children throughout middle age
  48. since chronic illnesses begin to appear during middle adulthood the death rate during this period is
  49. Type A behavior is characterized by all of the following except
    lack of aggression
  50. type A men have twice the rate of coronary heart disease as Type B men
  51. intelligence that reflects information processing capabilities reasoning and memory is called
    fluid intelligence
  52. according to Schaie research chich cognitive abilities seem to increase until the mid 40's
    numeric abilities
  53. the process by which people concentrate on particular skill areas to compensate for losses in other areas is called
    selective optimization
  54. What are organized bodies of information stored in memory that helps people represent the way the world is organized and allow them to categorize and interpret new info
  55. what is the term for the strategy where people are most likely to recall info in environments that are similar to those in which they initially learned it
    encoding specifity phenomenon
  56. which of the following is listed in the text as an effective strategy for remembering
    get organized, pay attention, use the encoding specifity phenomenon, visualize rehearse, all of the above
  57. which two dev psyc beleived that there is a substantial change in personality over time and that change follows a set predictable pattern
    Erickson and Levinson
  58. Ericksons term generativity is acheived through
    • creative and artistic output,
    • contribution to community
    • parenting
    • mentoring
    • all of the above
  59. the midlife crisis is central to which theorist model
    Daniel Levinson
  60. which of the following of the "Big five' major clusters of personality traits/characteristics pertain tot he degree in which a person is easy going and helpful
  61. the majority of studies find that the big five traits are relatively stable past the age of 40, although variations exist for specific traits
  62. research suggest that the lowest level of satisfaction in marriages is typically reported
    following the births of the couples children
  63. approx how many people who divorce will remarry again usually within 2 to 5 years
    three quarters
  64. couples in their middle age who must fulfill the needs of both their children and their aging parents are called
    the sandwhich generation
  65. burnout is more likely to strike individuals who are in helping professions
  66. according to one analysis every time the unemployment rate goes up 1% there is a ___% rise in suicide
  67. what is the age of the onset of late adulthood
  68. the fastest growing segment of the population is the
    oldest old
  69. which of the following best describes the meaning of functional age
    physical and psychological well being
  70. although the physical and cognitive changes of secondary aging are common, they are potentially avoidable and can sometimes be reversed
  71. a condition in which the bones become brittle, fragile, and thin often brought about by a lack of calcium in the diet is called
  72. what percentage of people over the age of 65 show some symptoms of psychological disorder
  73. which of the following is a reason cited for depression in late adulthood
    • the experience of cumulative losses of spouses
    • declining health
    • loss of friends
    • declining physical abilities
    • all of the above
  74. at present there is no cure for alzheimers only treatments for the symptoms
  75. which of the theories promotes the view that the cells of the body can only duplicate a certain number of times, and that the genetic instructions for running the body can be read only a certain number of times before they become illegible
    genetic programming theories of aging
  76. plasticity in cognitive skills in the elderly depends upon all of the following except
    the cognitive skills we are born with
  77. research shows that ____declines with age, while ____ reamins steady and sometimes improves
    • fluid intelligence
    • crystalized intelligence
  78. memories that are related to general facts such as the names of the capitols of states or addition facts are called
    semantic memories
  79. memories from ones own life are called
    autobiographical memories
  80. when pleasant memories are more likely to be recalled than unpleasant memories this is called
    the pollyanna principle
  81. some people contemplate their lives and realize they are dissatisfied. they realize missed opportunities have passed and have not accomplished what they wished. these individuals experience
  82. robert peck suggest that personality dev in elderly people is occupied by___-major developmental tasks
  83. edward feels completely comfortable getting older. he does not become upset when he thinks about aging. he accepts it with a sense of self dignity. according to bernice Neugarten Edwards personality would be catergorized as
  84. life review is a major thread running through the work of
    • erickson
    • peck
    • neugarten
    • levinson
    • all of the above
  85. accumulating knowledge, experience, and contemplation is reffered to as
  86. amad does not need continued care. however he does receive care during the day in the form of meals and medications. what type of facility does amad attend
    adult day care
  87. tony has been in a nursing home for one year. he has become apathetic indifferent and does not care about himself what term describes tony
  88. the assistance and comfort supplied by another person or a network of caring interested people is called
    social support
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