Music App. Final Exam

  1. One of the greatest classical melodists besides Mozart and Schubert
  2. European composer/conductor who lived in New York City
  3. Subject of both a Strauss tone poem and a Mozart opera
    Don Juan
  4. Tchaikovsky orchestral score which calls for real cannons: Title?
    1812 Overture
  5. Tchaikovsky orchestral work based on which famous Shakespearean tragedy?
    Romeo And Juliet
  6. Compser whose piano prelude was performed onscreen by Mickey Mouse
  7. Impressionism: Major compsers Studied
    • Debussy
    • Ravel
  8. Parallel movement to impressionism: which fields?
    • Paintings
    • Literature
  9. Half-Spanish compser who drew musical inspiration from his Latin heritage
  10. Impressionist compser who once worked as a music critic
  11. Hungarian who systematically studied his country's folk music and based his own music upon it
    Bela Bartok
  12. English composer hwo freed his country's music from longtime German domination
    Ralph Vaughn Williams
  13. Premiere of this ballet in Paris in 1913 caused a riot
    Right Of Spring
  14. Born in Russia, this composer lived in Switzerland, France and finally the U.S.
    Igor Feodorivich Stravinsky
  15. Bartok piano literature considered the best teaching works since Bach: Title?
    Mikrokosmos - meaning little universe
  16. Two composers besides Beethoven and Schubert who each wrote nine symphonies
    Malher & Vaughan Williams
  17. Leonard Bernstein called him "the best composer we have"
  18. African-American composer: conducted orchestra at 1893 Chicago World's Fair
    Scott Joplin
  19. Founded oldest black-owned music-publishing firm in world in 1918
    William Christopher Handy
  20. American musical form derived from African/European sources
  21. His only opera is set in Charleston, SC African-American neighborhood called Catfish Row
  22. Wrote both popular and classical music and conducted a major orchestra
    Leonard Bernstein
  23. Russian-born American songwriter who helped to found ASCAP in 1914
    Irving Berlin
  24. His best-known music blends jazz with American folksong influences
  25. New York City insurance broker whose amateur compositions paralleled the same innovations as many famous European composers
    Charles Ives
  26. 1920s dance form which appears in several Gershwin orchestral works
  27. Titles of two major piano works by the "King of Ragtime"
    Maple Leaf Rag & The Entertainer (Joplin)
  28. Name of prize won by Copland's ballet Appalachian Spring
  29. Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947 for his Symphony No.3 "The Camp Meeting" which he had composed four decades earlier
    Charles Ives
  30. Broadway musical from 1950s is based on which Shakespearean tragedy?
    Romeo And Juliet
  31. Chattanooga-born singer known as "Empress of the Blues"
    Bessy Smith
  32. Jazz musician credited with inventing "scat" singing
    Louie Armstrong
  33. Big-band style jazz popular during the Depression and World War 2
  34. Vienna-born, he studied with Gustav Mahler before coming to America
    Maximillian Steiner
  35. Hungarian-born, he studied at Germany's Leipzig Conservatory
    Miklos Rozsa
  36. Ives- The Unaswered Question
    Gershwin- Rhapsody In Blues
    Copland- Rodeo
    Bessy Smith- Lost Your Head Blues
    Tchikivsky- 1812 overture
    Malher- "The Titan" symphony #1 in D (I Mahaled a Titan)
    Debussy- Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun 1894
    Ravel- Bolero
    Vaughn Williams- Fantasia on Green Sleeves
    Bartok- Concerto For Orchestra
    Stravinsky- The Right Of Spring
    Joplin- Maple Leaf Rag
    Handy- St. Louise Blues
    Berlin- White-Bing-Christmas
    Rozsa- Music By Niklos Rozsa
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