Exam 3 Review

  1. Describe two of the mining, processing, and drilling methods that can degrade water or air quality
    • mountain top mining and strip mining
    • fracture mining, refinement
  2. What is NEPA?
    National Environmental Protection Act
  3. What are two environmental concerns associated with oil?
    highly flammable and takes a long time to degrade and clean upTransport, hazardous chemical, corrosive, causes cancer, last in the environment for a long time
  4. What is the difference between a mineral and a rock?
    minerals have a specific structure and crystal while rocks are made of minerals
  5. What is an open dump?
    an open dump that is open to the environment and anything can come in while hazardous chemicals get out
  6. What are two environmental concerns associated with natural gas?
    transportation, explosive, mining, drilling, etc.
  7. What is a sanitary landfill?
    more regulations and restrictions, layer of clay and plastic, sealed
  8. What are citizen science projects?
    ordinary citizen can unite with a scientists and help in science projects and research
  9. What is a hazardous waste landfill?
    hazardous waste landfill is like a sanitary landfill but more sanitaryHas hazardous waste, capped
  10. What are two environmental concerns associated with nuclear power?
    hazardous, difficult, radioactive material, health concerns, nuclear meltdown
  11. What are two benefits of recycling waste?
    economic and better for the environment, reuse, save money, economical, better than setting land for landfills and dumps
  12. Why are international environmental conventions and treaties often ineffective?
    not enforced and only an agreement that can be broken easily
  13. Briefly describe the rock cycle.
    weathering, sedimentary, metamorphicBreakdown and reprocessingCycle of creation, destruction, and reprocessing/metamorphosis
  14. What are two ways that you can influence policy?
    protesting and lobbyingCalling or writing to the senator, etc.
  15. What are two environmental concerns associated with coal?
    refining and miningAir pollution, the types of mining, destroying environment to get it, transportation, burning
  16. What is a superfund?
    site to set money aside for taken from takes that supports the cleanup of hazardous waste
  17. What are two concerns/problems associated with recycling programs?
    people don’t help out and also the economical costs (wrong)
  18. What is one important provision of NEPA?
    requires large government projects to write an environmental impact statementSets up a CEQ
  19. Why do people move to cities?
    more opportunities jobs, housing, closer to work, etc.
  20. Name and describe two alternative energy sources.
    • Solar uses panels to create energy
    • wing uses turbines to create energy
    • geothermal
  21. Define environmental policy?
    statues, regulations, and rules that the government has to protect the environment
  22. What is a shantytown?
    illegal substandard housing built from trash
  23. List two things each of us could do to help preserve our common environment.
    many: smaller homes, less items
  24. What is a floodplain?
    water flooding a plain
  25. What is a slum?
    legal substandard housing generally government founded
  26. What is natural resource accounting/economics?
    placing a value on naturePollination, soil water air recycling, things that we don’t pay for now
  27. Why is waste incineration a problem?
    the pollutants that are released into the atmosphere
  28. What are two ecosystems service humans get from the environment for free?
    pollination, water air recycling
  29. What are two products we get from mining and how are they used?
    • coal for electricity
    • Gas for trasnportation
    • Gold silver
  30. Define sustainable development?
    meeting the needs of the present without harming/compromising the needs of the future generationsResources can renew themselves
  31. What are two examples of sustainable development that can be used in cities/businesses?
    reflective material, alternative energy
  32. What are two methods of disposing of hazardous waste?
    converting is to a less hazardous material and landfill
  33. In 1986, a nuclear power plant Ukraine
  34. 1989 oil tanker crashed reef
    Exxon Valdez
  35. 1950s entire community waste dump
    Love Canal
  36. 2010 gulf of mexico
  37. 1984 toxic pesticide cloud released Bhopal India
    Union Carbide
  38. 1979 nuclear power plant Pennsylvania
    Three-Mile Island
  39. 2008 spilling coal fly ash spill Tennesse
  40. When we purchase a product the price we pay reflects the ____ cost of producing it. If the manufacture of the product pollutes, then the costs of this pollution are termed ____ costs.
    internal, external
  41. “Subduction” is the process of a tectonic plate
    being forced below another platebeing forced below another plate
  42. The Christmas bird count, in which local people work with scientists
    a) citizen science
  43. Businesses are not willing to become “green” because
    d) improves their image and saves money in the end
  44. Which of the following statements about coal is false?
    c) “clean coal” is a new way to refine coal before it is used commercially making it less toxic
  45. A giant swell known as a tsunami is caused by
    b) earthquakes
  46. An environmental impact statement is required for any significant federal actions as a part of?
    d) NEPA
  47. List of...
  48. Recycling aluminum is most important for?
    e) all
  49. Chemical processing is a way of ____ hazardous waste for safe disposal.
    b) neutralizing
  50. ____ in the mantle and core make tectonic plates move.
    d) convection currents
  51. Why would the top ten most influential environmental organizations be critized
    they have spent too much time in Washington
  52. How are rocks classified?
    e) chemical composition, physical properties, internal structures
  53. Traditional suburban developments does not (not on exam)
    c)facilitate social interactions among neighbors
  54. If metals are deposited in streambeds ____ what method would probably be used?
    a placer mining
  55. Most useful oil deposits are usually found?
    b) saturating porous rocks, like water in a sponge
  56. The physical break down of a rock into smaller pieces is called?
    mecanical weathering
  57. The 10 most influential environmental organizations are most useful in?
    c) respected in Washington
  58. Control rods in a nuclear reactor are used to?
    a) absorb neutrons
  59. Environmental literacy partly consists of being able to?
    b) understand the basic principles of ecology
  60. Photovoltaic cells work because solar energy striking their surface
    b) release electrons, causing an electric potential in attached wires
  61. Problems associated with gemstones and precious metals such as gold and diamonds include which of the following?
    • all
    • finance
  62. Recycling, in terms of solid waste managments means?
    Melting or shredding to create new products
  63. Metamorphic rocks are produced when rocks are?
    b) recystalzed
  64. Ecological economics is different from the other economic theories because it recognizes the
    e) human economy as one part of a dynamic world system
  65. Rock formed from magma extruded to the surface through
    • volcanic
    • igneous
  66. Urbanizations began to grow especially quickly after what?
    Industrial revolution
  67. In a criminal case, being found guilty can result in ______ and in a civil case being found guilty can result in ____.
    Criminal is jail and monetary; civil is only monetary
  68. Which is true?
    The US has only enough proven oil supplies to last 4 years at current rates of consumption
  69. Which of the following is not a problem associated with international agreements?
  70. When a factory pollutes a river, the costs and losses that affect people downstream would be called what?
    b) external
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