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  1. Whose servants
    Whose servants would fight to prevent Jesus' arrest by the Jews if his kingdom were of this world? / Jesus' / John 18:36
  2. Whose sheep
    Whose sheep should Peter feed? / Jesus' / John 21:17
  3. Whose side
    Whose side did one of the soldiers pierce with a spear? / Jesus' / John 19:34
  4. Whose sister
    Whose sister was Martha? / Mary / John 11:1
  5. Whose son lay
    Whose son lay sick at Capernaum? / A certain royal official's / John 4:46
  6. Whose son was
    Whose son was close to death? / A certain royal official's / John 4:47
  7. Whose sons
    Whose sons also drank from the well? / Our father Jacob's / John 4:12
  8. Whose tables
    Whose tables did Jesus overturn? / The money changers' tables / John 2:15
  9. Whose teacher
    Whose teacher is Nicodemus? / Israel's / John 3:10
  10. Whose teaching is
    Whose teaching is not his own? / Jesus' / John 7:16
  11. Whose teaching will he
    Whose teaching will he who does not love Jesus not obey? / Jesus' / John 14:24
  12. Whose teaching will the
    Whose teaching will the world obey if they obeyed Jesus' teaching? / Jesus' disciples / John 15:20
  13. Whose testimony about
    Whose testimony about Jesus is valid? / another who testifies in Jesus' favor / John 5:32
  14. Whose testimony do
    Whose testimony do we know is true? / The testimony of the disciple who testifies to these things and who wrote them down / John 21:24
  15. Whose testimony does
    Whose testimony does no one accept? / The one who comes from heaven / John 3:32
  16. Whose testimony is not
    Whose testimony is not valid if he testifies about himself? / Jesus' / John 5:31
  17. Whose testimony is true?
    Whose testimony is true? / The man who saw the flow of blood and water / John 21:24
  18. Whose testimony is valid
    Whose testimony is valid even if he testifies on his own behalf? / Jesus'/ John 8:14
  19. Whose testimony was
    Whose testimony was this when the Jews of Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was? / John / John 1:19
  20. Whose testimony was,
    Whose testimony was, "He told me everything I ever did"? /The Samaritan woman's/ John 4:39
  21. Whose time had not yet come?
    Whose time had not yet come? / Jesus' / John 7:30
  22. Whose time has
    Whose time has not yet come? / Jesus' / John 2:4
  23. Whose time of
    Whose time of grief is now? / Jesus' disciples / John 16:22
  24. Whose voice do the sheep know?
    Whose voice do the sheep know? / the shepherd / John 10:4
  25. Whose voice do the sheep not
    Whose voice do the sheep not recognize? / A stranger's / John 10:5
  26. Whose voice does
    Whose voice does the friend who attends the bridegroom hear? /The bridegroom's / John 3:29
  27. Whose voice have
    Whose voice have the Jews never heard? / the Father who sent Jesus/ John 5:37
  28. Whose voice will all
    Whose voice will all who are in their graves hear? / The Son / John 5:28
  29. Whose voice will the
    Whose voice will the dead hear? / The voice of the Son of God / John 5:25
  30. Whose well
    Whose well was in Sychar, near the plot of ground Jacob had given to his son Joseph? / Jacob's / John 4:6
  31. Whose were
    Whose were those whom the Father gave Jesus out of the world? / The Father / John 17:6
  32. Whose whole
    Whose whole body is clean? / A person who has had�a�bath / John 13:10
  33. Whose will
    Whose will has Jesus come down from heaven to do? / The will of him who sent him / John 6:38
  34. Whose word does Jesus
    Whose word does Jesus keep? / His Father's / John 8:55
  35. Whose word does not
    Whose word does not dwell in the Jews? / The Father's/ John 5:38
  36. Whose word is
    Whose word is truth? / The Father's / John 17:17
  37. Whose words
    Whose words does the one whom God has sent speak? / God's / John 3:34
  38. Whose work
    Whose work must we do as long as it is day? / The work of him who sent Jesus / John 9:4
  39. Whose worshipers
    Whose worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth? /God's/ John 4:24
  40. Whose wrath
    Whose wrath remains on whoever rejects the Son? / God's / John 3:36
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