Launch Procedures

  1. Rapid Lifeboat lowering -gravity davits
    Phase 1 Cradled Position
    • 1. take proper muster
    • 2. secure boat plug
    • 3. ensure releasing gear lever is in locked position
    • 4. lober man ropes, rigged to run free
    • 5. check that hooks are properly seated in hook locks
    • 6. check tricing pendants
    • 7. Pass sea painer, ensure that sea painter is lead under gripes adn tricing pendants (inboard the fall outboard off all)
  2. Rapid Lifeboat lowering -gravity davits
    Phase II - Ready Boat for lowering
    1. get all personnel out of the boat

    2. remove harbor pins and keel lock

    3. ensure ladder and falls are free to run; trackway clear of debris

    4. release gripes (outboard/inboard gripes - release outboard gripes first)

    5. check that all personnell are clear
  3. Rapid Lifeboat lowering -gravity davits
    Phase III - Lowering to the Embarkation Deck
    1. raise brake to lower boat, watching running rigging, sea painter, and tricing pendants for fouling

    2. stop boat at embarkation deck ensuring all strain is not taken up by tricing pendants

    3. pass frapping lines ensuring that crewmen have life jackets properly donned and each has a lifeline draped across their chest

    4. secure frapping lines with a round turn on cleat and lead back into the boat (Rapid lowering only)

    6. load boat evenly keeping a low center of gravity, with everyone seated

    • 7. release tricing pendants
    • ease frapping lines until boat is plumb under davit arms

    8. Raise the lifeboat until tension is completely off tricing pendants (controlled lowering only)

    9. Release tricing pendants

    10. Ease frapping lines until the lifeboat is under the davit arms (Rapid lowing only)
  4. Rapid Lifeboat lowering -gravity davits
    Phase IV - lowering from Embarkation Deck to Water
    1. raise brake, tending ladder and man ropes

    2. undo lashing and make boat and gear ready for sea - checking oars, boat hooks, and sail

    3. with foot on releasing gear lever, check that cotter pin slips in its groove freely PERSON ASSIGNED TO THIS TASK ONLY!

    4. start motor 3/4 way down to ensure it works

    5. unship rudder
  5. Rapid Lifeboat lowering -gravity davits
    Phase V - Letting Go
    1. release boat approximately one foot above the water surface, ensuring strain on falls for a clean release and warning personnel to keep clear of floating blocks

    2. Let go of the sea painter, and secure to forward falls (controlled lowering only). Let go of the sea painter clear of the screw (rapid lowering only)

    3. Take the brakeman onboard (situation permitting)

    4. Have the vessel's crew keep the manropes clear of screw.

    5. Clear the ladder (rapid lowering only)

    6. Stand off to pick up survivors and liferafts.
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