1. Global config command that both creates the VLAN and puts the CLI into VLAN configuration mode.
    vlan vlan-id
  2. VLAN subcommand that names the VLAN
    name vlan-name
  3. VLAN subcommand that prevents that one switch from forwarding traffic in that VLAN
  4. Global config command that administratively disables a VLAN, preventing the switch from forwarding frames in that VLAN
    shutdown vlan vlan-id
  5. Global config command that defines the VTP domain name
    vtp domain domain-name
  6. Global config command that defines the VTP password
    vtp password password
  7. Global config command that defines the VTP mode
    vtp mode {server | client | transparent}
  8. Global config command that tells the VTP server to tell all switches to use VTP pruning
    vtp pruning
  9. Interface subcommand that configures the trunking administrative mode on that interface
    switchport mode {access | dynamic {auto | desireable} | trunk}
  10. Interface subcommand that defines the list of allowed VLANs
    switchport trunk allowed vlan {add | all | except | remove} vlan-list
  11. Interface subcommand that statically configures the interface into that one VLAN
    switchport access vlan vlan-id
  12. Interface subcommand that defines which type of trunking to use, assuming that trunking is configured or negotiated
    switchport trunk encapsulation {dot1q | isl | negotiate}
  13. Interface subcommand that defines the VLAN used for frames sent to and from a Cisco IP phone
    switchport voice vlan vlan-id
  14. Interface subcommand that disables the negotiation of VLAN trunking
    switchport nonegotiate
  15. Lists information about any interface regarding administrative settings and operational state
    show interfaces interface-id switchport
  16. Lists information about all operational trunks (but no other interfaces), including the list of VLANs that can be forwarded over the trunk
    show interfaces interface-id trunk
  17. Lists information about the VLAN
    show vlan [brief | id vlan-id | name vlan-name | summary]
  18. Displays VLAN information
    show vlan [vlan]
  19. Lists VTP configuration and status information
    show vtp status
  20. Lists the VTP password
    show vtp password
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