Senior Vocab (ghs)

  1. abstruse
    (adj) obscure; profound; difficult to understand
  2. adulation
    (n) flattery; admiration
  3. aesthetic
    (adj) artistic
  4. aloof
    (adj) apart; reserved
  5. analogous
    (adj) comparable
  6. antagonism
    (n) hostility
  7. appease
    (v) pacify or soothe; relieve
  8. arrogance
    (n) pride; haughtiness
  9. ascendancy
    (n) controlling influence; domination
  10. attribute
    (v) ascribe; explain
  11. autonomous
    (adj) self-governing
  12. barrage
    (n) barrier laid down by artillery fire
  13. bolster
    (v) support; reinforce
  14. bourgeois
    (adj) middle class; selfishly materialistic; dully conventional
  15. calculated
    (adj) deliberately planned; likely
  16. censure
    (v) blame; criticize
  17. complacency
    (n) self-satisfaction; smugness
  18. concede
    (v) admit; yield
  19. condone
    (v) overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
  20. constraint
    (n) compulsion; repression of feelings
  21. conviction
    (n) judgment that someone is guilty of a crime; strongly held belief
  22. criterion
    (n) standard used in judging
  23. decorum
    (n) propriety; orderliness and good taste in manners
  24. denounce
    (v) condemn; criticize
  25. deride
    (v) ridicule; make fun of
  26. deterrent
    (n) something that discourages; hindrance
  27. diffuse
    (adj) wodry; rambling; spread out (like a gas)
  28. discerning
    (adj) mentally quick and observant; having insight
  29. discrepancy
    (n) lack of consistency; difference
  30. dismiss
    (v) put away from consideration; reject
  31. disputatious
    (adj) argumentative; fond of arguing
  32. doctrine
    (n) teachings
  33. duplicity
    (n) double-dealing; hypocrisy
  34. eloquence
    (n) expressivnes; persuasive speech
  35. endorse
    (v) approve; support
  36. ephemeral
    (adj) short-lived; fleeting
  37. esoteric
    (adj) hard to understand; known only to the chosen few
  38. exalt
    (v) raise in rank or dignity; praise
  39. exhaustive
    (adj) thorough; comprehensive
  40. expedite
    (v) hasten
  41. extraneous
    (adj) not essential; superfluous
  42. fallacious
    (adj) false
  43. fervor
    (n) glowing ardor; intensity of feeling
  44. fester
    (v) rankle; produce irritation or resentment
  45. furtive
    (adj) stealthy; sneaky
  46. gamut
    (n) entire range
  47. gratuitous
    (adj) given freely; unwarranted; uncalled for
  48. gullible
    (adj) easily deceived
  49. hedonist
    (n) one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life
  50. hypocritical
    (adj) pretending to be virtuous; deceiving
  51. immutable
    (adj) unchangeable
  52. implausible
    (adj) unlikely; unbelievable
  53. inane
    (adj) silly; senseless
  54. incongruous
    (adj) not fitting; absurd
  55. indifferent
    (adj) unmoved or unconcerned by; mediocre
  56. ingenious
    (adj) clever; resourceful
  57. innovation
    (n) change; introduction of something new
  58. integrity
    (n) uprightness; wholeness
  59. inundate
    (v) overwhelm; flood; submerge
  60. laud
    (v) praise
  61. linger
    (v) loiter or dawdle; continue or persist
  62. marred
    (adj) damaged; disfigured
  63. menagerie
    (n) collection of wild animals
  64. mettle
    (n) courage; spirit
  65. miserly
    (adj) stingy; mean
  66. monotony
    (n) sameness leading to boredom
  67. negate
    (v) cancel out; nullify; deny
  68. nurture
    (v) nourish; educate; foster
  69. obfuscate
    (v) confuse; muddle; cause confusion; make needlessly complex
  70. obstinate
    (adj) stubborn; hard to control
  71. optimist
    (n) person who looks on the good side
  72. pacificist
    (n) one opposed to force; antimiltarist
  73. pervasive
    (adj) pervading; spread throughout every part
  74. piety
    (n) religious devotion; godliness
  75. preclude
    (v) make impossible; eliminate
  76. presumptuous
    (adj) overconfident; impertinently bold; taking liberties
  77. profane
    (v) violate; desecrate; treat unworthily
  78. prolific
    (adj) abundantly fruitful
  79. qualified
    (adj) limited; restricted
  80. ratify
    (v) approve formally; confirm; verify
  81. rectify
    (v) set right; correct
  82. remorse
    (n) guilt; self-reproach
  83. reprimand
    (v) reprove severely; rebuke
  84. resigned
    (adj) accepting one's fate; unresisting; patiently submissive
  85. reticence
    (n) reserve; uncommunicativeness; inclination to silence
  86. rigor
    (n) severity
  87. satirical
    (adj) mocking
  88. scrutinize
    (v) examine closely and critically
  89. sluggish
    (adj) slow; lazy; lethargic
  90. stagnant
    (adj) motionless; stale; dull
  91. subside
    (v) settle down; descend; grow quiet
  92. superfluous
    (adj) unnecessary; excessive; overabundant
  93. sustain
    (v) experience; support; nourish
  94. tentative
    (adj) hesitant; not fully worked out or developed; experimental; not definite or positive
  95. transient
    (adj) momentary; temporary; staying for a short time
  96. undermine
    (v) weaken; sap
  97. unconscionable
    (adj) unscrupulous; excessive
  98. vacillate
    (v) waver; fluctuate
  99. villify
    (v) slander
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Senior Vocab (ghs)
Senior Vocab (ghs)