1. A me parecer...
    In my view
  2. Buena idea!
    Good idea!
  3. Bueno
    ok , good
  4. Creo que...
    I believe that...
  5. En mi opinión...
    In my opnion...
  6. Eso me gusta
    I like that
  7. Estoy de acuerdo
    I agree (I'm in agreement)
  8. Mire (Ud.) / Mira (tú)
  9. Para mí...
    To me... , In my view...
  10. Pienso que...
    I think that...
  11. Por mí, Por mi parte...
    As far as I'm concerned...
  12. Por un lado... por otro lado...
    On one side... on the other side...
  13. Qué te/le parece...?
    What do you think?
  14. Qué tal si...?
    What if.. (followed by the suggested actoi)
  15. De ninguna manera.
    Definitely not , No way, By no means
  16. Eso no me gusta
    I dont like that
  17. No, es demasisado adj
    No, that's too adj
  18. No esto de acuerdo
    I disagree , I'm not in agreement
  19. Pero si...
  20. Yo no!
    Not I!
  21. el acuerdo
  22. el desacuerdo
  23. la riña
    quarrel, argument
  24. aceptar
    to accept , to agree with
  25. aguantar (algo)
    to tolerate (something)
  26. consentir (ie)
    to permit, to allow
  27. despreciar
    to put down, to scorn
  28. discuir
    to discuss, to dispute, to argue
  29. elogiar, exaltar
    to praise
  30. impresionar
    to impress
  31. llegar a un acuerdo, ponerse de acuerdo
    to reach an agreement
  32. ponerse
    to become (for emotional states or condtitions)
  33. rechazar
    to reject
  34. reñir (i)
    to quarrel , to argue
  35. tener razón/no tener razón
    to be right/to be wrong
  36. bruto/a
    gross , ignorant , brutish
  37. considerado/a
  38. desconsiderado/a
  39. insoportable
    unbearable, insufferable
  40. sensible
  41. tonto/a
    silly, stupid, dumb
  42. Con much gusto
  43. depende de...
    it depends on...
  44. Es verdad / No es verdad
    That's true / That's not true
  45. Ni en sueños
    I wouldn't dream of it , That is highly unlikely , Not in your dreams
  46. No me diga(s)
    Really! You don't say!
  47. Qué barbaridad!
    How awful! That's nonsense!
  48. Yo no tengo la culpa
    It's not my fault
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