Sophmore Vocab.(ghs)

  1. abstemious
    (adj) sparing in eating and drinking; temperate
  2. acclaim
    (v) applaud; announce with great approval
  3. adversity
    (n) poverty; misfortune
  4. affirmation
    (n) positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath
  5. ambiguous
    (adj) unclear or doubtful in meaning
  6. anecdote
    (n) short account of an amusing or interesting event
  7. antiquated
    (adj) old-fashioned; obsolete
  8. arbitrary
    (adj) capricious; randomly chosen; tyrannical
  9. artifact
    (n) objects made by human beings
  10. aspire
    (v) seek to attain; long for
  11. austere
    (adj) forbiddingly stern; severely simple and unornamented
  12. belie
    (v) contradict; give a false impression
  13. belligerent
    (adj) quarrelsome
  14. blatant
    (adj) flagrant; conspicuously obvious; loudly offensive
  15. brevity
    (n) conciseness
  16. capricious
    (adj) unpredictable; fickle
  17. commemorate
    (v) honor the memory of
  18. composure
    (n) mental calmness
  19. concise
    (adj) brief and compact
  20. confound
    (v) confuse; puzzle
  21. contentious
    (adj) quarrelsome
  22. corroborate
    (v) confirm; support
  23. cursory
    (adj) casual; hastily done
  24. degradarion
    (n) humiliation; debasement; degeneration
  25. depravity
    (n) extreme corruption; wickedness
  26. despondent
    (adj) depressed; gloomy
  27. devious
    (adj) roundabout; erratic; not straightforward
  28. diligence
    (n) steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
  29. discordant
    (adj) not harmonious; conflicting
  30. disdain
    (v) view with scorn or contempt
  31. disparity
    (n) difference; condition of inequality
  32. dissent
    (v) disagree
  33. dogmatic
    (adj) opinionated; arbitrary; doctrinal
  34. egotism
    (n) excessive interest in one's self; belief that one should be interested in one's self rather than others
  35. embellish
    (v) adorn; ornament
  36. enigma
    (n) puzzle; mystery
  37. erroneous
    (adj) mistaken; wrong
  38. euphemism
    (n) mild expression in place of an unpleasant one
  39. exemplary
    (adj) serving as a model; outstanding
  40. exonerate
    (v) acquit; expulcate
  41. exploit
    (v) make use of
  42. exuberance
    (n) overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness
  43. fastidious
    (adj) difficult to please; squeamish
  44. frivolous
    (adj) lacking in seriousness; self-indulgently carefree; relatively unimportant
  45. glutton
    (n) someone who eats too much
  46. grandiose
    (adj) pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive
  47. gregarious
    (adj) sociable
  48. hardy
    (adj) sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement weather
  49. hierarchy
    (n) arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks
  50. homage
    (n) honor; tribute
  51. idiosyncracy
    (n) individual trait
  52. impeccable
    (adj) faultless
  53. imprudent
    (adj) lacking caution; injudicious
  54. incite
    (v) arous to action; goad; motivate; induce to exist
  55. incorrigible
    (adj) not correctable
  56. induce
    (v) persuade; bring about
  57. innate
    (adj) inborn
  58. instigate
    (v) urge; start; provoke
  59. intimidate
    (v) frighten
  60. ironic
    (adj) resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome
  61. latent
    (adj) potential but underdeveloped; dormant; hidden
  62. lethargic
    (adj) drowsy; dull
  63. lofty
    (adj) very high
  64. methodical
    (adj) systematic
  65. morose
    (adj) ill-humored; sullen; melancholy
  66. nebulous
    (adj) vague; hazy; cloudy
  67. notoriety
    (n) disrepute; ill fame
  68. nullify
    (v) to make invalid
  69. oblivion
    (n) obscurity; forgetfulness
  70. opaque
    (adj) dark; not transparent
  71. orator
    (n) public speaker
  72. peripheral
    (adj) marginal; outer
  73. phenomena
    (n) oberservable facts; subjects of scientific investigation
  74. ponderous
    (adj) weighty; unwieldy
  75. predator
    (n) creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others
  76. prevalent
    (adj) widespread; generally accepted
  77. profusion
    (n) overabundance; lavish expenditure; excess
  78. proximity
    (n) nearness
  79. ramble
    (v) wander aimlessly (physically or mentally)
  80. recluse
    (n) hermit; loner
  81. refute
    (v) disprove
  82. repel
    (v) driveaway; disgust
  83. repudiate
    (v) disown; disavow
  84. resolve
    (n) determination; firmness of purpose
  85. reverent
    (adj) respectful; worshipful
  86. sage
    (n) person celebrated for wisdom
  87. scanty
    (adj) meager; insufficient
  88. servile
    (adj) slavish; cringing
  89. sporadic
    (adj) occuring irregularly
  90. submissive
    (adj) yielding; timid
  91. succinct
    (adj) brief; terse; compact
  92. surreptitious
    (adj) secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden
  93. taciturn
    (adj) habitually silent; talking little
  94. thrive
    (v) prosper; flourish
  95. turbulence
    (n) state of violent agitation
  96. unmitigated
    (adj) unrelieved or immoderate; absolute
  97. unwarranted
    (adj) unjustified; gorundless; undeserved
  98. verbose
    (adj) wordy
  99. wane
    (v) decrease in size or strength; draw gradually to an end
  100. woe
    (n) deep
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Sophmore Vocab.(ghs)