Q3 Microbiology

  1. What is Sheep Blood Agar used for?
    Works well for growing strep
  2. What agar will we be using most in this class?
    Nutrient Agar
  3. What does McKonkey agar only growt?
    Grows only gram positive bacteria
  4. What is Chocolate agar made of and what is it used to detect?
    • Cooked RBC
    • Good for growing gonorrhea
  5. What is a spore?
    • A package of DNA within a cells that lives after the bacteria dies.
    • Forms new bacteria
    • Gram Stains Clear
  6. Is the Genus Bacillus:
    Anaerobic or aerobic?
    Catalase positive or negative?
    Where is it found?
    • Aerobic
    • Positive
    • In the soil
  7. How does bacillus anthracis infect animals?
    Through the soil
  8. What is cutaneous anthrax and how do you get it?
    Surface anthrax, by getting cow poo on your skin
  9. What is pulmonary anthrax?
    • Terrorist attacks- gets into lungs (most deadly)
    • Can also get from working with animals
  10. How is anthrax treated and is there a vaccine?
    • Ciproflaxin (top choice) or Penicillin
    • There is a vaccine- a shot given 6 times a year and a half with yearly boosters
  11. What is done with animals that die from anthrax?
    They must be incinerated
  12. What does bacillus cereus cause?
    The 24 hour flu from undercooked meats
  13. Is genus Clostridium,
    Anaerobic or aerobic
    Catalase negative or positive
    Where is is found?
    • Anaerobic
    • Negative
    • In the soil
  14. What causes gangrene?
    Clostridium perfringes
  15. What are the 2 forms of gas gangrene?
    • Anaerobic cellulitis- very localized
    • True myonecrosis- gets out of control (spreads)
  16. How is gangrene treated?
    Amputation or Overwhelm with Oxygen
  17. What causes Clostridium defficile (C. def)?
    Psuedomembranous colitis- kills all the good bacteria by giving too many antibiotics
  18. What are the side effects of C. def and what is the treatment?
    • Severe diarrhea
    • Treated with Flagyl
  19. What is the incubation time for tetanus?
    4-10 days
  20. What happens when a person is infected with tetanus?
    • It attacks the spinal cord (ventral horns- motor side)
    • Causes muscles to contract all the time
  21. How does a person infected with tetanus die?
    Asphyxiation, due to the diaphragm constantly being contracted
  22. What is the treatment and prevention of tetanus?
    • Tetanus Immune globulin (TIG)- give antibodies
    • Prevention- vaccine with toxin (Td) Antigens
  23. What causes Clostridium perfringens, Subtype A, and what are the side effects?
    • Food poisoning- meat, fish
    • Diarrhea for 16 hours
  24. What causes Clostridium botulinum?
    • Food- canning food, not processing properly
    • Spores get into intestines, absorbed into blood stream, produces toxins that don't allow the muscles to contract
  25. What are the side effects and incubation period of botulism?
    • Toxins that look like acetylcoylene get into the nerve and don't allow the muscles to contract, causes asphyxiation
    • 17-72 hours
  26. What is the treatment of botulism?
    • History of what is eaten is very important
    • Lab work takes too long
    • If caught, pump stomach, Flagyl, and Antitoxin
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