SAT Vocab #22-23

  1. abortive
    (adj) failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless
  2. agnostic
    (n) one who holds the belief that neither the existence nor the nature of God, nor the origin of the universe is known or knowable
  3. bovine
    (adj) pertaining to an ox, cow, or other cattle; sluggish; dull
  4. captious
    (adj) faultfinding, caviling
  5. dipsomaniac
    (n) a person with an insatiable craving for alcohol
  6. disposition
    (n) nature; tendency
  7. elucidate
    (v) to make clear
  8. hyperbole
    (n) extravagant exaggeration
  9. inexorable
    (adj) not to be persuaded or moved by demands; relentless; inflexible
  10. limpid
    (adj) transparent; pellucid; clear
  11. misogyny
    (n) hatred of women (opposite of philogyny)
  12. misandry
    (n) hatred of men
  13. punctilious
    (adj) attentive to the finer points of etiquette; precise; scrupulous
  14. sepulchral
    (adj) pertaining to burial, the grave, or monuments to the dead; gloomy
  15. venomous
    (adj) secreting venom; malicious; malignant; spiteful
  16. acrid
    (adj) sharp and harsh to the taste; bitterly irritating to the feelings
  17. bathos
    (n) false sentimentality
  18. cadence
    (n) flow or rhythm, measure of beat, as in music or poetry
  19. culpable
    (adj) deserving ensure or blame; faulty
  20. depredate
    (v) to plunder, ravage, or prey upon
  21. effete
    (adj) spent, worn out; barren, characterized by self-indulgence
  22. evanescent
    (adj) gradually disappearing; fleeting
  23. fulminate
    (v) attack verbally; explode violently; denounce or censure
  24. lampoon
    (v) subject to ridicule or satire
  25. misericord
    (n) relaxation or rules, as in a monastery; a bracket to lean against; a dagger
  26. ostracize
    (v) to exile, banish, or exclude; bar from common privilege, favor, etc.; as social ostracism
  27. paragon
    (n) a model of perfection
  28. rancor
    (n) bitter resentment; deep spite or malice
  29. sequester
    (v) to hide or keep away from others; to withdraw into seclusion
  30. torpid
    (adj) deprived by the power of motion or feeling; numb; apathetic
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