24 repro drugs

  1. 4 main categories of reproductive hormones
    • progestins
    • androgens
    • gonadotropic
    • estrogen
  2. gonadotropic hormones are secreted by:
    anterior & posterior pituitary lobes
  3. gonadotropic hormones include
    • 1. follicle stimulating hormone
    • 2. luteinizing hormone
    • 3. luteotropic hormone
  4. stimulates ovarian follicle dev’p & sperm production
    follicle stimulating hormone
  5. works w/ FSH to induce secretion of estrogen & dev’p of corpus luteum
    Luteinizing hormone
  6. stimulates production of progesterone by the corpus luteum & milk secretion by mammary glands “lactogenic hormone”
    LTH (luteotropic hormone)
  7. male hormones that are secreted mainly in the interstitial tissue of the testes in the male and secondarily in the adrenal glands of both sexes
  8. ____ stimulate the development of male characteristics (masculinization), include testosterone and androsterone
  9. removal of the testicles
  10. an inadequets production of androgens in the male may be due to:
    pituitary malfunction, atrophy, or injury
  11. characteristics of eunuchoid include:
    • retarded development of sex organs
    • abscence of beard adn body hair
    • high pitched voice
    • lack of muscular development
  12. _____ may also result in impotence or deficient sperm production (oligospermia)
  13. uses of androgens include:
    • congenital: delayed puberty in males
    • replacement: diminished hormone (male menopause)
    • acquired: hypogonadism (orchitis etc)
    • palliative treatment: females with advanced metastatic carcinoma of the breast, danazol
  14. enlarged breast tissue in males
  15. SI of ____:

    - acne
    -hirsutism (unusual hair growth)
    -deep voice
    -stunted growth
    -increase LDL
    -decrease HDL
    insulin resistance
  16. a serious side effect of illegal synthetic testosterone use (anabolic steroids)
    psychosis (with delusion, paranoia, depression, mania, aggresion)
  17. all androgen agents fall under what classification category for abuse.
    C-III abuse potential
  18. to avoid secondary exposure to children with testosterone gel what must be done:
    wash hands with soap and warm water after every application

    cover application site with clothing once gel has dried
  19. PE for _____:

    -use according to directions
    - report decreased ejaculatory volume and excessive sexual stimulation especially in geriatric patients
    -female sexual effects expect hirutism
    -stunted growth
  20. erectile dysfunction meds:
    • sildinafil (viagra)
    • tadalafil (cialis)
    • vardenafil (levitra)
  21. how are PDE (phosphodiesterase)inhibitors given and why?
    orally for erectile dysfunction/impotence
  22. medications that require sexual arousal for success
    viagra, levitra, cialis
  23. the first PDE inhibitor approved to treat ED?
    Sildenafil (viagra)
  24. SE of ____:

    -HA, flushing, dizziness, vision abnormalities
    -hearing loss, tinnitus
    -cardiovascular events (angina, syncope, tachycardia, hypotension)
    PDE inhibitors
  25. CI of _____:

    -if erection persist more than 4hrs, seek medical assistance ASAP

    * may indicate tissue damage and permanent potency loss

    -older adults and PT's with cardiovascular risk factors
    PDE inhibitors
  26. IA with _______:

    -grapefruit juice (potentiates hypotension effects)
    -nitrates, antiarryhtmics, macrolides, antifungals, quinolones
    PDE inhibitors
  27. female sex hormone produced mainly by the ovary and secondarily by the adrenal gland
  28. responsible for the development of female secondary sexual characteristics including breast enlargement and for the mentrual cycle.
  29. effects the secretion of the FSH adn LH from the anterior pituitary gland in a complex way.....inhibits lactation and ovulation
  30. estrogen meds
    • estradiol (estrace), (vagifem), (estrogel), (depo-estradiol)
    • premarin
    • menest
  31. estrogen in combination w/ _______ is used in mgmnt of severe menopausal symptoms that do not respond to estrogen alone
  32. when ____ & ___ are combined the risk of endometrial cancer is substantially reduced
    progestin & estrogen
  33. is associated w/ increased risk of endometrial carcinoma
    estrogen therapy alone
  34. should not be used to prevent diseases due to risk of stroke or blood clots
    estrogen-alone therapy
  35. should not be used for cardiovascular disease prevention
    combined HT
  36. _____ uses include:
    -hypogonadism due to oopherectomy
    -postmenopausal prevention of osteoporosis if unable to take any other medication
    -postcoital use after rape or incest
    -inoperable prostate cancer
    estrogen therapy
  37. SE of ____ with high doses:

    -increased risk of thromboembolic disorders, MI, Stroke
    -HA, migraine, depression
    -increased risk of gallbladder disease
    -skin discoloration
    - vaginal bleeding
    estrogen therapy
  38. CI for ______:

    -anyone w/ hx of many conditions such as htn, liver, sob, breast cancer, DVT vaginal bleeding, visual disturbance, pregnancy
    estrogen therapy
  39. _______ should never be used to treat threatened abortions or if there are any possibilites of pregnancy
  40. estrogen is also cautioned in
    diabetes & heavy smokers
  41. IA with ______:

    -rifampin & isoniazid estrogenic activity
    -corticosteroids (potentiates)
    -lab tests
    -sunscreen with estradiol topical emulsion (increase absorption)
  42. hormone secreted by the corpus luteum and adrenal glands
  43. responsible for changes in uterine endometrium in 2nd half of menstrual cycle in preparation for implantation of fertilized ovum, dev’p of placenta after implantation & dev’p of mammary glands
  44. synthetic drugs that exert progesterone-like activity are called
  45. _____ is also used for anorexia, weight loss, cachexia, and associated with aids syndrome
  46. Uses of ______ include:

    -treats amenorrhea & abnormal uterine bleeding
    -adjunctive/palliative therapy for endometrial & breast CA (megace)
    -treats paraphilia esp. for pedophilia
    synthetic progestin
  47. ___ has been used IM weekly to monthly to manage paraphilia (sexual deviancy in males) espcially for pedophilia and sexual sadism
    depo provera
  48. Extended cycle oral contraceptives differ from traditional products by decreasing or eliminating the
    hormone free interval
  49. by what primary mechanism do progestin only contraceptives prevent pregnancy
    by inhibiting ovulation
  50. An intrauterine device containing a synthetic progestin is available and releases small amounts of ______ daily, providing 5 years of continuous contraception protection.
  51. During administration of oxytocin, constant maternal and _______ monitoring is required
  52. where is the pituitary gland located
    at the base of the brain
  53. Anabolic steroids are classified as ______ by th eDEA due to drug abuse
    controlled substance
  54. what type of contraceptive agent is indicated for breast feeding women?
    progestin only preparation
  55. Postcoital contraceptive agents must be administered within ___ hrs of unprotected intercourse
  56. Depo-Provera injections may be considered among the risk factors for development of _______
  57. how much dosing is needed for PDE when treating impotence
    maximum 1 dose daily
  58. side effects such as ______ should be reported when using androgen therapy
    • edema
    • jaundice
    • nausea
    • vomiting
  59. progestin levonorgestral may be prescribed as ______
    an emergency contraceptive
  60. ____ is used to treat impotance, congenital and acquired hypogonadism
  61. _____ induces labor causing the uterus to contract
  62. _____ is used to treat severe preclampsia or eclampsia
    magnesium sulfate
  63. _____ are used for cervical ripening, therapeutic abortion in second trimester, & uterine evacuations in special circumstances
  64. used in management for preterm labor
    terbutaline (brethine)

  65. ____ are most appropriate & effective for relief of vasomotor symptoms as long as women weigh risk & benefits with their doc
    Hormone therapies
  66. used to treat amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, and as contraception
  67. the main producers of estrogens
  68. drug used to terminate an unwanted pregnancy
  69. used to prevent and treat postpartum and postabortion hemorrhage
  70. serious fetal side effect of estrogen
  71. type of cancer resulting from prolonged high-dose estrogen use
  72. contraceptives containing two sequences of progestin doses
  73. preparation containing the same proportion of estrogen & progestin in each tablet
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