1. if one quest orders a critter app and two guests order a rib app...would you ring them "as meal" or "as apps"
    as apps!! why make them wait 12-15 minutes when they have no salads. if one meal was coming off the grill they would be as meal to wait on regular entree.
  2. how do you handle gift cards? Purchase or Redeem? can we leave a tip?
    Yes to tip.....trainer needs to show about gift cards
  3. what is the minimum expectation for smothered steak percentage?
    20% of guest count
  4. what is the minimum expectation for loaded potato percentage?
    50% of guest count
  5. how many guests do we ring in one check? Explain large party button...
    • 7 guests is the maximum for any check. If you have large party ringing the order by how many things fit on a tray is the right answer! 8 tops should be rung in 4 & 4 not 6 & 2.
    • works like the done or order sends what you have typed in and marks the check.
  6. How woul
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