ANTH2700 Lab4

  1. the "handfull" of traits (and two more)that came of the arborial radiation.
    • pentadactylism
    • better vision
    • decreased sense of smell
    • thumbs
    • nails
    • longer gestation
    • group socialization
  2. location, time of day, diet
  3. what happens when Gaussian competition is fierce, there is an empty niche in a new area, and the creature is pre-adapted for it...
    adaptive radiation
  4. Why, according to the guy at Duke U, are squirrles not primates?
    • "Visual Predation Model"
    • hunting at the terminal ends of branches
    • light body (12-18oz)
    • developed depth perception
    • nails and tactile pads instead of claws
  5. locomotion pattern of most monkeys
  6. the 2 prosimmian locomotion patterns...
    • VCL (vertical clinging and leaping)
    • SQC (slow quadrupedal climbing)
  7. slow evolutionary rates of change punctuated by spurts of sudden significant change.
    punctuated equilibrium
  8. mandibular symphasis; postorbital bar-features of the suborder...
  9. fused mandible; closed orbits- features of the suborder
  10. conditions of the Paleocene epoch: 3
    • Image Upload 1Image Upload 2
    • Image Upload 3
    • warm, humid, tropical worldwide
    • connected landmasses
    • pre-Paleocene; dinosaurs die off
  11. Eocene epoch: 3 major catagories
    • Global cooling and drying
    • polar ice caps grow
    • ocean level drops
    • Changes in flora
    • temperate forests grow
    • Adapt
    • "euprimates" appear
    • prosimians only
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ANTH2700 Lab4
ANTH2700 Lab4