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  1. Phospholipid
    • Phospholipid: A lipid that has an ester link between phosphoric acid and an alcohol (either glycerol or sphingosine).
    • Contains a phosphate-ester link, a lipid that has an ester between phosphoric acid and an alcohol.
  2. Glycolipid
    • Glycolipid: A lipid with a fatty acid bonded to the C2-NH2 group and a sugar bonded to the C1-OH group of sphingosine.
    • 2) Different amides derived from sphingosine, contains polor carbohydrate groups; on cell surfaces the carbohydrate portion is recognized and interact with intercellular messengers.
  3. Sphingomyelines
    Sphingomyelines: Amides derived from an amine alcohol (sphingosine), also contain charged phosphate diester groups; they are essential to the structure of cell membrains and are especially abundent in nerve cell membranes. pg 769
  4. Lipid
    Lipid: A natuarlly occurring molecule from a plant or animal that is soluable in non-polar organic solvents.
  5. Lipid Bilayer
    • Lipid Bilayer: The basic structure unit of all membranes; composed of two parallel sheets of membrane lipid molecules arranged tail to tail.
    • ie:
    • OOOOOOOO l l
    • l l l l l l l l l lO
    • l l l l l l l l l O
  6. Sphingolipid
    Sphingolipid: A lipid dirived from the amino alcohol sphingosine.
  7. Simple Diffusion
    Simple Diffusion: Passive transport by the random motion of diffusion through the cell membrane.
  8. Glycerophospholipid
    • Glycerrophospholipid (phosphoglyceride): A lipid in which glycerol is linked by ester bonds to two fatty acids and one phosphate, which is in turn linked by another ester bond to an alcohol (or other alcohol).
    • 2) are triesters of glycerol that contain charge phosphate diesters groups and are abundent in cell membranes. Together with other lipids, they help to control the flow of molecules into and out of cells.
  9. Soap
    Soap: The mixture of salts of fatty acids by soaponification of animal fat.
  10. Unsaturated Fatty Acid
    Unsaturated Fatty Acid: A long chain carboxylic acid containing one or more Carbon - Carbon double bonds, (C=C).
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