Lesson 30-Vocabulary

  1. circumstances
    The details about how something happens.

    "Do you know the circumstances involving the broken window?"
  2. circumference
    the distance around a circle

    The circumference of the world is about 25,000 miles.
  3. megabyte
    a very large unit of computer data, or storage space, that is one million bytes.

    A compact disk holds more than one megabyte of information.
  4. megaphone
    a large, cone-shaped object held to the mouth to project one's voice.

    The coach used a megaphone so the team could hear him.
  5. embrace
    to put into one's arms (v); a hug (n)

    Davi will embrace his grandmother when he reaches India.

    Grandmother gave Davi a warm embrace.
  6. empower
    to put into a position of power

    Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower the believers.
  7. enjoy
    to take joy in something

    My family with enjoy going to India.
  8. enlarge
    to make larger in size.

    Prople have moved to India and helped enlarge the population.
  9. prolong
    to extend something forward into the future.

    Mr. Lee is going to prolong his vacation for another week.
  10. pronoun
    a word that substitutes for a noun.

    Mrs. Paqrk used the pronoun you in the example sentence.
  11. proclaim
    to declare something before an audience

    Hana loves to share and proclaim the good news of hte gospel.
  12. promotion
    a forward advancement in a job, grade, or position.

    Jae received a promotion at the end of the year.
  13. notices
    to see; pays attention to; perceives

    Imelda notices that today's weather is very humid.
  14. noticed
    past tense of Notice; to have seen; saw.

    • Evelyn noticed that the banyan tree trunks were very large.
  15. noticing
    seeing; observing.

    We kept noticing the banyan tree's interesting roots.
  16. noticeable
    capable of being easily seen; noteworth.

    The most noticeable thing abou the roots is their shape.
  17. happily
    in a happy manner

    Ethan happily waited for Purim to begin.
  18. happier
    more happy

    Mara was happier than her sister to be going to Isreal.
  19. happiest
    most happy

    Peter's tenth birthday was his hqappiest birthday ever.
  20. happiness
    in a happy condition.

    Everyone could see Aleeza's happiness by observing her smile.
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