PGM 350 Final

  1. Factors Affecting the Quantities of Supplies Ordered.
    Sales of Menu Items

    Available Storage Space

    Maintenance of (Minimum) Safety Levels

    Suppliers Specifiying Minimum Dollar and/or Poundage Requirements for Delivery
  2. Over-Ordering Problems.
    Excessive Money Tied up in Inventory

    Deterioration in the Quality of Products Due to Spoilage and Damage

    Increased Chance of Theft and Pilferage
  3. Under-Ordering Problems.
    Stockouts and Dissatisfied Customers

    Excessive Emergency and Rush Orders

    Lost Discounts from not Making Volume Purchases
  4. Effective Receiving Contol Requires:
    Knowledgeable Personel

    Proper Equipment

    Adequate Facilities

    Standard Procedures
  5. Three Main Areas of Food and Beverage Supplies:


  6. Goals of Purchasing:
    Obtain Right Quality

    Buy Right Quantity

    Purchase at the Right Price

    Procure from the Right Source

    Purchase at the Right Time
  7. Improper Food Control Can Lead to:
    Higher than Projected Cost-to-Profit Ratios

    Use of Low Quality Menu Ingredients

    Receipt of Wrong Supplies

    Increase Spoilage


    Dissatisfied Customers
  8. Four Steps to Developing and Costing a Menu.
    Develop Menu Concept

    Develop and Test Recepies

    Determine Menu Cost

    Print Menu and Train Staff
  9. Standard Recipies Include:
    A Summary of Ingredients

    Required Quantities

    Specific Preparation Procedures

    Portion Size and Equipment Used


    Any Other Necessary Information
  10. Principles of Good Management
    • 1. Every Business Should Have a Primary Goal
    • 2. Each Employee Should Have Only One Supervisor
    • 3. Limit the Number of Employees a Supervisor can Supervise
    • 4. No One Can Completely Delegate Responsibility.
    • 5. Supervisors Should Not be Responsible for the Work in Their Department Unless They Have Enough Authority to Enforce Policy
    • 6. The Organization Must Be Flexible and Plan for Continued Existance and Survival.
  11. Creating Total Customer Satisfaction
    Humble, Genuine Service-oriented Attitude

    Teamwork Among Employees

    Facility Should be User Friendly

    Consistant Communication
  12. 5 Reasons People Select a Site to Eat at.
    Good Food Well Prepared

    Good Service

    Pleasant Surroundings

    Clean Surroundings

  13. Food and Beverage Total Package Includes
    Food Quality and Preperation





    Charm and Warmth
  14. Four Staffing Guidelines
    Plan Your Operation and Then Follow Through

    Identify Typical Staffing Levels

    Review Other Factors That Affect Staffing Levels

    Establish Anticipated Payroll Costs
  15. Food and Beverage Director Should Review
    Menus Used by Competition

    Requests from Members

    Information Gathered on Customer Surveys

    Signature Items Unique to the Faclity

    Items from Past Menus that have Sold Well
  16. Recipies Include
    Standard portion Size

    Cost Control Tool

    Customers Reveive the Same Value
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