Module 16 Definitions

  1. Amnebocytes egg
    An egg in which the embryo is protected by a membrane called an amnion. In addition, the egg is covered in a hard or leathery covering
  2. Neurotoxin
    A poison that attacks the nervous system, causing blindness, paralysis, of suffocation.
  3. Hemotoxin
    A poison that attacks the red blood cells and blood vessels, destroying circulation .
  4. Endothermic
    A creature is endothermic if it has an internal mechanism by which it can regulate its own body temperture, keeping it constant.
  5. Down feather
    Feathers with smooth barbules but no hooked barbules.
  6. Contour feathers
    Feathers with hooked and smooth barbules, allowing the barbules to interlock.
  7. Placenta
    A structure that allows nutrients and gases to pass betweens the mother and the embryo.
  8. Gestation
    The period of time during which an embryo develops before being born.
  9. Mammary glands
    Specialized organs in mammals that produce milk to nourish the young.
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