Anatomy E4 V, Head

  1. Frontal Sinus compartments in...
    Small Rum
    • Bovine:
    • 2-3 Rostral
    • 1 Large Caudal

    • Small Ruminants:
    • Small Medial
    • Large Lateral
  2. In bovines, what structure may be damaged during eye enucleation?
    Lacrimal Bulla
  3. What sinus extends into the Lacrimal Bulla?
    Maxillary Sinus
  4. The Rostral and Frontal Sinuses are seperated by...
    Oblique Septum
  5. Which Species has a very large Frontal Sinus?
  6. What is used for nose-printing?
    Nasolabial plate
  7. What special feature do pigs have in their upper lip to aid in rooting
    os rostri
  8. What is found in the upper lip of pigs?
    Ventrolateral Notch (for canines)
  9. Why does the oral mucosa -> hardware Dz?
    Strat Sqamous Epi= Heavy Stratum Corneum
  10. Oral mucosa is composed of heavy stratum corneum is which species?
    • Ruminants
    • Pigs
  11. Rum Dentition:
    • I1= Central Incisor
    • I2= 1st Intermediate Incisor
    • I3= 2nd Intermediate Incisor
    • Canine= Corner Incisor
  12. How many roots are present in the Upper and Lower Cheek Teeth of Rum's?
    • Upper= 3
    • Lower= 2
  13. What addition do porcine cheeck teeth have for crushing and grinding?
    Rounded Cusps, or Tubercles
  14. Backwards pointing Papillae on Rum tongue
    Filiform Papillae, or Lingual Rasp
  15. Papillae found on neonatal pigs
    Marginal Papillae
  16. Pharyngeal Diverticulum
    • Species: Pig
    • Location: Pouch Dorsal to Esophogus
  17. Pigs are difficult to intubate b/c (2):
    • Pharyngeal Diverticulum
    • Openings into Lateral Ventricle
  18. Parotid LN efferents ->
    Retropharyngeal Lymphocenter
  19. Mandibular LN efferents ->
    Retropharyngeal Lymphocenter
  20. What drains the eyes, ears, lips, superficial mm of head, skin and head?
    Parotid LN
  21. What drains the ventral angle of the head, jaw, rostral part of mouth and tongue?
    Mandibular LN
  22. ___ LN is found as a single LN in ruminants, but several are found in pigs?
  23. ___ LN is single and large in ruminants
    Medial Retropharyngeal
  24. Enlargement of ____ LN can cause dyspnea and dysphagia
    Medial Retropharyngeal
  25. ____LN is located btw the base of the cranium and the pharynx in pigs
    Medial Retropharyngeal
  26. ___ LN drains the deep structures of the head
    Medial Retropharyngeal
  27. Master LN of the head:
    Lateral Retropharyngeal
  28. What nerve must ne blocked to dehorn?
  29. The cornual N is blocked
    Midway btw orbit and horn
  30. Which nerve can be blocked in 80% of cattle?
    Cornual Branch of infratrochlear
  31. Which horn nerve cannot be blocked
    Nerve of the Frontal Sinus
  32. Which Nerve can only be blocked in 14% of cattle?
    Frontal N
  33. Which horn Nerves are blocked in goats?
    • Cornual
    • Cornual Branch of Infraorbital
    • Great Auricular
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Anatomy E4 V, Head
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